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Negotiable Listing Fee

My contemporary point of view on listing fees, is a key differentiator that sets me apart from other Realtors.

Complete Home Staging Consultations

As part of my complimentary services to you, I offer the opportunity to have a certified professional stager visit your home for a full assessment, providing you with a comprehensive report detailing a room-by-room plan to create that model home look by using your existing furniture, or bringing in additional pieces/ accessories where necessary.

How much you chose to do is up to you, but I am pleased to provide this consultation to you at no cost.

Staging is the process of depersonalizing a space and creating an image of an inviting lifestyle in which a potential buyer can imagine themselves living.

While the scope of the staging services varies depending on the home itself and the marketplace, the ultimate objective of staging a home is to achieve a quick sale for the highest price possible.

The process of staging improves the impression of the home and encourages prospective homeowners to imagine the possibilities of how a room is set up and to help them envision what living in the home would be like.

Stagers consult on such issues as furniture layout, de-cluttering, cosmetic touch-ups and lighting, and work towards increasing your homes’ appeal among potential buyers by enhancing the positive features. The end result is a “model home” effect that outshines comparable properties and offers buyers a glimpse of your home’s full potential.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection & Certified Resale Home Warranty

As part of my listing services to you I am pleased to offer this pre-listing inspection service by a reputable and certified inspector at no cost, in cases where it would be to the seller’s advantage to provide one.

A pre-listing home inspection is a powerful tool that helps your home sell more quickly and with more ease, and is an appropriate marketing tool for many listings today.

Essentially, this is a process by which the Realtor has the home inspected prior to listing it for sale so that prospective buyers can confidently make an offer, with less of a need (if any) for an inspection to be done after the terms are negotiated.

I further enhance my home inspection with a Certified Resale Home (CRH) Warranty as a value-added way to make your home stand out in the market and create a stress-free experience for the seller and the buyer.

CRH combines a comprehensive pre-listing home inspection with an 18-month warranty with up to $20,000 worth of coverage for the major home inspection blind spots and to help buyers with any costly surprises in their first year of ownership.

Often, this pre-listing home inspection is to the Seller’s benefit as  everyone then knows the condition of the home ahead of time. This transparent knowledge removes the possibility of any eleventh hour surprises.

No home is perfect and a good inspection report will provide that perspective, but if there are issues that need a second opinion or further evaluation, that can happen before the house is listed, rather than in the middle of a high stress negotiation.

Additionally, in competitive offer situations prospective buyers may not make an offer because they are not able to get an inspection, or the odds are high that the money spent on an inspection will be wasted; a seller’s inspection may allow more potential buyers to make an offer.

Referrals To Trusted Trades

Small details can sometimes make a big difference in the overall presentation of your home. Buyers, especially first-timers, will often overestimate the cost and effort required to remedy even simple issues, and there is a common misconception that if minor problems have been ignored so to have the larger ones; it is for these reasons that it is important for your home to show as well-cared for. With my many years of real estate experience, I have worked with and compiled a list of reliable tradespeople and service providers who can work together with you to find simple solutions to most problems, minimizing the expense to you while ensuring that your home is as functional and appealing to buyers as possible. As always, all referrals are based entirely on my past experience; rest assured I receive no referral fee whatsoever.

Personal & Professional Walk-Through

For most people their home is their most valuable asset and often-constructive criticism is the most valuable advice you will receive from a Realtor when discussing the successful disposition of that asset. As part of the evaluation of your home, you should expect your Realtor to do a thorough personal walk through of the space to note not only the features and updates, but also any obstacles and areas of deficiency that your home may have.

Beware of the Sales Rep who tells you your home is perfect in an effort not to offend you and secure the listing; with your best interest at heart and a trained eye, I can offer you a professional opinion ahead of time of what a potential buyer is likely to notice so that you have the opportunity to fix it.

An upfront, straightforward assessment of any problem areas that can be changed will give you the chance to remedy the problem before a buyer identifies it during the sale. Once the house is ready for sale, the final step is doing an unbiased final walk though of the house to identify any last minute touch ups or details that may have been overlooked

My Value as Your REALTOR®

Thinking about selling your home? With over 45,000+ realtors in the Toronto Real Estate Board, have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing the right Realtor® to represent and protect your interests.

I understand it – it’s a big decision.  Partnering with the right real estate professional is essential for not only a top dollar sale but for an exceptional, reduced stress and well-communicated home selling experience.

One thing I will guarantee – not all real estate agents are the same.

And while there are many great ones there are, regrettably, are a lot of bad ones :(

There are literally hundreds of details to obsess over, laws and rules that regularly changing, a dynamic market to monitor and important, often complex, matters to communicate in a precise and timely fashion.

I'm a passionate full-time REALTOR®, an expert marketer and negotiator. What I got into the business, in part, because I was a frustrated buyer/seller who wanted to raise the bar for client care and service. My goal is to create a winning and lifelong relationships with my clients, by providing first class service, solutions and satisfaction.

Here’s what makes me different…

  • OUR VETTED RELATIONSHIP: I I don’t just work with anyone. It’s true. And it’s another point of difference that sets me apart from most other realtors.

I want to give you, my chosen clients, the best service possible. I want to make sure there’s a good fit, that we see eye to eye, and that I can fairly and honestly protect and represent your best interests.

Also, because I offer commission rebates, I want to make sure I’m investing my time and effort with smart, reasonable and committed sellers.

It’s how I’m able to offer a truly boutique experience, with a concierge level of service.

In both of us making a considered choice to work with each other, we already demonstrate a commitment to one another with a shared personal and market values and aligned goals.

  • PERSONAL SERVICE: I listen! I care! You will be treated with personal service from day 1 to after the sale. Earning your trust and getting YOU results is my aim.
  • MARKET KNOWLEDGE: As a market expert, educating you on the current conditions of the real estate market and your community is one my first missions. Plus, navigating you step-by-step, through the sale of your home will always place YOU in the know.
  • PRICING: Excellent market knowledge helps me to work with you to price your home correctly. When listing your home, remember you don’t necessarily want to give your listing to the representative that quotes you the highest list price; many clients report this results in back-tracking and lip service given to you just to "win" your listing.
  • HONEST & PRO-ACTIVE COMMUNICATOR: When selling your home, communication is key. I'm not one of those agents who lists your property and then disappears. You will receive regular feedback and updates, using your preferred method communication. And more importantly, I’m honest. Sometimes the content of my honesty may be brutal, but I promise to deliver it with care and sensitivity! I'm not just going to tell you what you to hear; I’ll tell you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it. No games. No BS.
  • MARKETING EXPERT: Marketing your home does not mean merely putting a sign on your lawn. I create a customized, targeted marketing program for your home that will maximize exposure, and give you the highest return.
  • TECHNICALLY AND SOCIALLY CONNECTED REALTOR® As a contemporary thinking and acting REALTOR®, your home will be marketed utilizing the power of the Internet, social media and the latest technologies.
  • SAVVY NEGOTIATOR: My dedication and loyalty is to YOU, your family and your goals. Understanding your needs, and protecting your interests is my number #1 job.
  • PATIENCE & CARING: Selling your home is often a very emotional experience; emotions can comes out of left field when you least expect it. I'll be there. I understand that care, caring, patience and flexibility will be needed throughout the sales process.


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