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Selling Process

Three simple steps gets things started!

1) Intoductory Call   Call me at 416.821.2711 to introduce yourself and tell me about your needs!

2) Qualifying Meeting

We thenbook a Qualifying Meeting with all buyers/decision makers in attendance so that we may:

  • Meet all sellers/decision makers
  • Further explore fit between our personalities
  • Uncover the urgency of your home hunt.
  • Review your financial qualifications
    • Preapproved or not
    • Deposit & down payment savings or access to funds that can be liquefied for these purposes
    • Discuss Cash Flow/Living Expense Budget and Monthly Payment Goals
  • Explore Your Wants & Needs
  • Discuss Your Market Knowledge & Experience
  • Consider working together and if agreed to do so, then sign a Seller Representation Agreement and get the process started!

*Note: I can put your home on market in a very short period of time (3-7 days), but I prefer to work with my seller clients from their earliest notion of selling, as many as 4-6 months (sometimes longer) in advance of actually listing on MLS. This enables me to add value, and be a resource, coach, shoulder to lean on (sometimes cry on), problem solver and facilitator in the preparation and consideration phases; it really helps me develop a deep and detailed selling story for your home!

3) Sign A Listing Agreement

The listing agreement is an important written document protects all of us. This contract provides an outline of forms and negotiations related to the sale of your property. The contract is between you and brokerage company your agent represents.

This agreement outlines the rights and obligations of you and your agent and is the basis for resolving any disputes or misunderstandings.

The listing agreement will outline:

  • The agreed-upon compensation payable to your real estate agent's brokerage;
  • The agreed-upon compensation payable to the buyer's real estate agent/brokerage;
  • The active date and duration of the contract;
  • The listing price of the property;
  • And the many duties and obligations of all parties involved.

I will also need to complete an MLS Data form; it ensures an accurate representation of your property details.

  • The accurate legal/title description of the property;
  • An accurate physical description of the structure(s) and property;
  • Details about the structure and composition of your home and the land it is built upon;
  • The amount of annual property taxes; and any easements, rights of way, liens or charges against the property;
  • feature or principal rooms and their measurements;
  • fixtures and chattels included/excluded and rental items;
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  • your proposed closing date;

Along with other details relative to the structure and the property.

When selling a property, purposefully withholding information can have significant legal consequences. Ask your listing real estate agent about disclosures. Making any disclosures is an obligation of the seller; to disclose any known and relevant facts about property for sale.

Such relevant facts might include material details about the property such as anything that could materially affect the sale price or influence a buyer's decision to buy it. Post-sale disputes and lawsuits often relate to defects and lack of disclosure. However, many of these disputes can be avoided if accurate and appropriate disclosures are made up front.



Getting Your Home On Market

1. Pre Listing Preparations

2. Determining the listing price

You may have an idea of how much your house is worth, but it's important to have a professional value your home.

If what you want or need for your home is not in line with what the market will pay you for your home, you may need to seriously reconsider whether it is the right time to list or not.

You should be cautious about not pricing your property too high or too low. If it's too high, it will be difficult or impossible to sell, and if it is too low, then you will sacrifice a portion of your investment.

As your Realtor, I will research and review with you the prices at which similar properties in your area have sold for, and will help you determine an appropriate listing price. I will also provide market history including the number of properties recently sold in your neighbourhood, along with their selling prices, days on market etc.

3. Marketing your property

MLS Listing

If your listing is on the MLS system, then all other agent members can find and view information about your property and have the opportunity to sell your property to a buyer. Data from MLS is also fed to brokerage websites and, although this data feed to external sites can take 24-72 hours to happen making the MLS system the most accurate and timely resource.

This maximizes the exposure of your property by ensuring your property is found in MLS property searches that Realtors have created for themselves and their clients based on criteria matching the suitability of your home, to buyer needs.

Open Houses

We will discuss the value of hosting open houses in person.

There are two types of open houses: 1) an agent’s open house where local are agents will be invited to view your house; 2) a public open house, where anyone is invited to walk in and view your home.

Open houses where you vacate for several hours and where I act as the host and answer any questions can be an efficient way to show your home to many potential buyers at once. They can also be a waste of your time and mine, as they often attract unqualified buyers, nosy neighbours and unqualified lookie-loos.

Some consumers and industry professionals feel open houses only benefit the agent in getting new, unrepresented, clients.

And, technically, your home is always open and available for showings to serious and qualified buyers working with an agent; so you may not feel open-houses are necessary.

I have bought and sold homes based on random open house visits.

We'll decide together what is best for you and for properly marketing your property.

4. Finding for the right buyer

As of April 2017, the GTA market changed from a fast-paced seller's market to a more balanced market. It's now prudent to plan for and remember that now, sometimes, a home takes time to sell and that it may require more patience and persistence than it did in that past 5-10 years.

There are four common reasons that a home may not sell quickly: location, condition, competition and asking price.

You cannot change the location of your property, but you can improve the condition of your home and adjust the price to be competitive.

While your property is listed, I will be continuously comparing your asking price to similar properties in your neighbourhood. On a regular basis, we'll review the marketing strategy for your home. I will provide you with updates on the following items while your property is listed.

  • The number of showings;
  • Feedback from showings;
  • Updates in the marketplace;
  • Your property compared to the competition.

5. Accepting an offer

When you receive an offer, it will detail the buyer’s price, any terms or conditions that may apply along with the desired date of possession and the date and time that their offer to you expires.

As an act of good faith, serious and committed buyers will present a certified deposit cheque or bank draft with their offer. Or, if a deposit is not presented with the offer, their offer will indicate the deposit amount they are willing to provide, and it will be due within 24 hours of your acceptance of the offer.

You can make a counter-offer, changing the price and terms, if you are not happy with the offer submitted by the buyer. However, now, the buyer's original offer to you is void, and your counter-offer becomes an offer to the buyer that they may again counter with new adjustments to price or terms, or walk away altogether.

Working with their agents to represent them, the seller and buyer may go back and forth any number of times to negotiate the final terms and conditions of the sale.

Once the offer is agreed upon and signed off by all parties then it is a binding contract. Therefore, ensure that you understand and agree to all of the terms in the offer.

Before closing, your lawyer should make sure that compensation is received for any prepaid expenses such as utility bills, property taxes. Once these expenses are paid, then you will receive the money from the sale.

6. Possible conditional requests from the buyer

Before the offer goes 100% firm, the buyer may ask you to facilitate conditions that provide time or access for them perform due-diligence on things such as:

  • Access to the property for a home inspection and time to review the home inspection report with the option of pulling out of the deal if they do not like the findings
  • Access to the property for a financier's appraisal and time to review the appraisal or organize their financing with the option of pulling out of the deal if they do not like the appraisal or cannot secure financing
  • Provision of a survey, if one exists, that shows that the house sits on the property that you own;
  • And for rural properties, a certificate for a well or septic system, stating that the system meets standards; again with the option of pulling out of the deal if they do not like the findings


Let's Get Started

I work with a limited roster of clients. Why? Because I want to give you the best possible service. In doing so, I want to make sure there’s a good fit between us, that we see eye to eye and that I can fairly and honestly protect and represent your best interests.

I offer value added services and negotiable comission rebates, so I want to make sure I’m investing my time and effort in qualified and committed sellers. 

Ensuring we're a good fit, is how I’m able to offer a truly boutique experience, with a concierge level of service.

Let's get started with an inital chat or meeting and we'll go from there; call me on 416.821.2711 or use the contact form below!

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