@home bloghttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog9ee49594-ad6d-47ba-ad44-346937475e09https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/12/10/Having-Hot-Water-Trouble-Read-ThisHaving Hot Water Trouble? Read ThisHere are some thoughts if you are having trouble with your hot water heater. 2018-12-10T18:28:00Z47e4aec2-d5ae-448d-b084-bf1df197c476https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/11/28/5-Remodeling-Ideas-to-Modernize-an-Old-Kitchen5 Remodeling Ideas to Modernize an Old KitchenHere are some ideas to make your old kitchen stick out with a more appealing style.2018-11-28T16:07:00Z7bb54c47-ab6a-400a-bad2-96322553826dhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/11/21/4-Top-Travel-Tips-for-a-Safe-Holiday-Season4 Top Travel Tips for a Safe Holiday SeasonIf you are thinking about taking a holiday journey, then it is important to consider safety. While most trips end with a person pulling back into their driveway following a marvelous experience, winter travel can be dangerous. Following these tips may help save you, your family, or another person's life.2018-11-21T16:26:00Za93a363c-1a83-46d0-9f75-7f1f6d910b3bhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/11/20/How-to-Pull-Off-a-Rustic-Redesign-of-Your-HomeHow to Pull Off a Rustic Redesign of Your HomeThere are many different ways to add a rustic look to your home. While some projects require a major investment, there are plenty of little projects you can complete to give your home a more rustic vibe. Here are some decor ideas that you may want to consider.2018-11-20T22:00:00Z619674e4-21ed-4886-a3b1-395497d92799https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/11/15/Minimalist-Decorating-Tips-for-Every-Bedroom-in-Your-HomeMinimalist Decorating Tips for Every Bedroom in Your HomeHere are just some simple tips for decorating your bedroom. 2018-11-15T18:06:00Z22433440-bcdc-4b37-94af-86349746051bhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/11/14/4-Fun-Activities-to-Help-You-Lose-Weight-in-Toronto4 Fun Activities to Help You Lose Weight in TorontoHere are just some fun family activities that are healthy, too. 2018-11-14T14:24:00Z32120eb7-3988-46f0-a9c9-6a152bd36f40https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/11/08/6-Ways-You-Can-Tell-Your-Roof-is-Damaged6 Ways You Can Tell Your Roof is DamagedHere are just some things to look for if you think your roof is damaged. 2018-11-08T21:19:00Zc37af74d-4b14-47f9-acc4-1c7c2d92fc56https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/11/04/4-Ways-to-Prep-Your-Home-for-Winter4 Ways to Prep Your Home for WinterHere are just some ideas to prep your home for those cold winters. 2018-11-04T19:16:00Z899c9257-3321-40c8-bb25-9d6f7803214fhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/11/01/How-to-Pack-Up-and-Store-Your-Stuff-Before-RemodellingHow to Pack Up and Store Your Stuff Before RemodellingHere are just some ideas to pack and store your stuff when remodeling. 2018-11-01T21:52:00Z701386c7-f1b1-489f-8ec6-e0d345653cb3https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/10/27/How-to-Add-Luxury-to-Your-HomeHow to Add Luxury to Your HomeIn a perfect world, we would all have a first-class designer on speed dial. Of course, in reality, most of us don’t have that option. Luckily, there are other ways to achieve the upscale look you love without breaking your wallet.2018-10-27T19:18:00Z453e2716-7b7c-4b6f-b050-219f7a14d801https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/10/23/In-Home-Secrets-from-Top-Chefs-for-Recipes-that-ShineIn-Home Secrets from Top Chefs for Recipes that Shine!I’ve compiled this list of in-home kitchen tips used by top chefs and in professional kitchens around the world. You’ll feel like a pro when you apply these secrets to your own recipes at home.2018-10-23T16:36:00Z0a4dc18f-e035-4762-a341-f609a9801883https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/10/19/3-Tips-for-the-Perfect-Food-and-Wine-Pairing3 Tips for the Perfect Food and Wine PairingWhether the perfect vintage is on your mind for a holiday meal, dinner party or personal pleasure, remember just a handful of loose rules to create an exceptional food and wine experience.2018-10-19T16:41:00Zbc0797c3-4afa-4178-ac59-56e28591c2f8https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/10/17/Creative-Hobbies-That-Will-Bring-You-JoyCreative Hobbies That Will Bring You JoyIt is easy to find yourself in a rut, focusing only on work or outside obligations. Lives can become over-scheduled and feel less personally determined. One of the best ways to break out of these patterns is to incorporate one or two new creative hobbies into your week. Creative outlets have been known to relieve stress, improve mood and even keep the brain sharp as you learn new skills. Taking the time to add creative hobbies into your day may even produce a productive ripple into other aspects of your life.2018-10-17T07:49:00Zf7c2d98e-e271-44f3-994a-bfdecd7a196fhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/10/13/How-to-Host-a-Dinner-PartyHow to Host a Dinner Party"Gourmet" or not, the act of gathering for a dinner party to share food, company and conversaiton will leave a pleasant taste for years afterward. Be it fancy gourmet cusiine, a pot luck or a simple casserole and salad apply these tips.2018-10-13T14:36:00Z222d1fdf-fc51-46ca-bd0e-823c72620738https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/10/09/The-Importance-of-Farm-to-Table-RestaurantsThe Importance of Farm-to-Table RestaurantsTypically farm-to-table foods are focused on providing fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood that were gathered or raised near where they will be served. That’s just one description. But even without a clear definition, the farm-to-table concept has inspired chefs to create sustainable, farm-to-table dishes in their restaurants.2018-10-09T16:30:00Zf1969bdd-f559-4cda-a927-090f4a58c289https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/10/03/Learn-About-the-Top-Luxury-Food-TrendsLearn About the Top Luxury Food TrendsThe luxury of being able to enjoy food in almost any way lends to the creation of some pretty memorable moments. If you’re looking for your next gastronomic pleasure and adventure, here are some food trends to jump on.2018-10-03T14:10:00Z304f9028-f729-4d1d-b5f7-b11dac07ee1fhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/10/02/7-Fun-Plants-to-Include-in-Your-Garden7 Fun Plants to Include in Your GardenHere are some ideas for things to include in your garden. 2018-10-02T14:33:00Z30be0cd1-7ad6-477f-a0be-38c261ffaae9https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/30/Unexpected-Apple-Recipes-Go-Beyond-Cobblers-and-PiesUnexpected Apple Recipes: Go Beyond Cobblers and PiesAre you ready to experience a new taste, leave the ordinary behind and go on a culinary adventure with one of North America's most popular fruits. How do you like these apples?2018-09-30T15:12:00Z50e0bb8f-64e2-40ed-a716-338fbada0c79https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/27/4-Scents-to-Make-Your-Home-Feel-Warm-Welcoming4 Scents to Make Your Home Feel Warm WelcomingThese four scents will help make the home into a warm and welcoming haven.2018-09-27T01:32:00Z8d055489-aa41-40da-a42e-f9b13965b674https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/26/How-to-Secure-Vacant-Properties-Between-RentersHow to Secure Vacant Properties Between RentersIf you own real estate, then you need to protect your assets at all costs. Secure your vacant properties between renters with peace of mind by following these four tips.2018-09-26T14:34:00Zf9352912-6e70-4138-8f40-b2cf78991749https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/26/Best-Practices-for-Wall-Hanging-Images-and-ArtBest Practices for Wall Hanging Images and ArtWhen it’s time to consider wall-hanging images, or placing precious prints or paintings, consider showing them off with some best practices in mind.2018-09-26T07:38:00Z36ec07d6-5e81-47c7-b946-44bb468ecc7ahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/25/A-Quick-and-Dirty-Guide-to-Using-Manure-on-Your-YardA Quick and Dirty Guide to Using Manure on Your YardHere are some landscaping tips regarding manure for your lawn. 2018-09-25T16:54:00Z45554b4f-5668-47db-a4d4-ebc3d4687e10https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/24/Become-a-Wine-Expert-in-Just-4-StepsBecome a Wine Expert in Just 4 StepsIf you want to impress your guests this holiday season, a great way to do it is to become a wine expert with your own collection of delicious wines! Here are just a few ideas on becoming a wine expert. 2018-09-24T15:22:00Z072c6536-a503-4a89-9296-82b614bc9dd4https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/21/Tips-for-Fall-Apple-PickingTips for Fall Apple PickingFrom trip planning to tree and fruit friendly techniques for picking, I've got tips to help you make the most of your apples and your orchard visit.2018-09-21T15:15:00Z4b544afb-b34e-4f6b-adea-c2282c378433https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/21/Torontos-Best-and-Worst-Neighbourhoods-According-To-Toronto-LifeToronto's Best and Worst Neighbourhoods, According To Toronto LifeCheck your 6ix, Torontonians! It's time to duke it out over which neighbourhood is the city's very best.2018-09-21T15:05:00Z6de9cc8c-a208-46f6-a6d4-896b32ea5402https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/21/Where-To-Live-In-The-6ixWhere To Live In The 6ixCheck your 6ix, Torontonians! It's time to duke it out over which neighbourhood is the city's very best.2018-09-21T10:08:00Zc24611ac-bdca-4066-8da0-a793b16a39a6https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/21/Toronto--GTA-Area-Fall-Apple-PickingToronto & GTA Area Fall Apple PickingIf you’re looking to make apple pies for the season, candy coated apples for Halloween or just to have fresh and healthy snacks on hand, across the GTA there are plenty of farms and orchards for the pick’n.2018-09-21T07:29:00Z8f9f7ae2-6001-4329-b580-8075c84130c8https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/17/Trendy-Colour-Palettes-for-InteriorsTrendy Colour Palettes for InteriorsThis year’s trendy colour palettes for interiors make statements. They offer fresh alternatives to stale hues, and they spice up spaces. Check out some of my favourites.2018-09-17T12:22:00Zbc7b362c-9c24-4787-8655-96e577d80ac9https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/15/An-Environmentally-Friendly-Approach-to-Interior-DesignAn Environmentally Friendly Approach to Interior DesignConsider the following areas of your home when you start your eco-friendly interior redesign to improve the air quality inside your home and your piece of the Earth outside it.2018-09-15T13:29:00Z3e1767aa-d2da-4d43-ab30-cf1dd84adf9ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/14/Creating-the-Perfect-Cheese-PlateCreating the Perfect Cheese PlateWhether you are planning a cheese course for a dinner affair or you need ideas for creating an irresistible cheese plate for a party, the perfect cheese platter is just a few short steps away. All you need to do is decide on your extras, choose your bread, and of course, select cheese that will tempt even the pickiest turophile.2018-09-14T14:22:00Z8de10b7b-513c-4bee-8ace-f55c45e62bc5https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/12/Design-Your-Zen-Meditation-Rooms-That-Serve-Style-and-IntentionDesign Your Zen: Meditation Rooms That Serve Style and IntentionMany of us have forgotten how to just be and enjoy the present moment fully. Read on to discover how to design a space to relax and recharge in luxury.2018-09-12T18:27:00Z69bdac90-1023-4007-add4-daf0cb3695bahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/12/3-Ways-to-Find-An-Up-and-Coming-Neighbourhood3 Ways to Find An Up and Coming NeighbourhoodWhatever motivates your reason to move, you likely aspire to find an affordable home, in a new city, in a nice neighbourhood, without paying inflated prices. So how do you spot that neighbourhood on the rise? Here are three things you need to know.2018-09-12T17:43:00Z03e24556-f41d-4d37-b8b2-0dfee6707fe8https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/06/Adding-Mosaic-Tile-Backsplashes-to-Kitchens-and-BathroomAdding Mosaic Tile Backsplashes to Kitchens and BathroomWhether you want to add a subtle accent to your kitchen or create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, mosaic tiles are an eye-catching addition.2018-09-06T07:47:00Z99f48c07-ca12-4f50-b9c3-78b913c45035https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/04/Meditation-Tips-to-Alleviate-StressMeditation Tips to Alleviate StressMeditation can reduce this stress and, in turn, help make you a happier, healthier and more productive person. I've gopt these meditation tips to alleviate stress.2018-09-04T06:52:00Z6c599282-7470-4c3e-b7d4-aad2bc34652dhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/03/Does-Your-Home-Need-A-Metal-Roof-Find-Out-HereDoes Your Home Need A Metal Roof? Find Out HereDepending on where you live or what kind of home you have, you may need a metal roof. Here are some things to look at before making that decision. 2018-09-03T14:13:00Zeb2a856c-d2cb-457d-8434-e5def8251f4ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/01/5-Quick-nEasy-Party-Themes-for-Autumn5 Quick n'Easy Party Themes for AutumnIf you’re planning a party, here are few suggestions for the best fall-themed party ever!2018-09-01T15:04:00Zb8b0d134-1f8d-4f18-9101-27c920b63977https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/09/01/Unique-Colors-that-Create-Natural-Light-in-Your-HomeUnique Colors that Create Natural Light in Your HomeHere are some ideas to create natural light in your home. 2018-09-01T08:47:00Z6ab4d705-145a-4479-9ae3-cc1ff379f064https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/31/10-Tips-for-First-time-Home-Buyers10 Tips for First-time Home BuyersAlthough purchasing your first home is an amazing experience, it can also come with some challenges. With some tips and first-time buyer knowledge, the task can be less daunting and all the more exciting.2018-08-31T07:52:00Zd575b122-e57d-4191-8a46-54557ee9415ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/29/CURB-APPEAL-Fast-Weekend-Fixes-To-Makeover-Your-Home%E2%80%99s-ExteriorCURB APPEAL: Fast Weekend Fixes To Makeover Your Home’s Exterior!Fix up your home’s exterior and transform your property into the best one on the block with these easy and affordable ideas.2018-08-29T14:43:00Zedf8a7a8-9bd3-43f0-8883-ceae6c35675dhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/28/These-Architectural-Features-Add-Value-to-Your-HomeThese Architectural Features Add Value to Your HomeDiscover new ways to boost your home’s style and increase its value with these architectural details. 2018-08-28T07:31:00Zc3906ef9-cf00-412b-90e1-0f6826e0a9a7https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/27/10-Tips-for-Staging-Your-Home-to-Appeal-to-Buyers10 Tips for Staging Your Home to Appeal to BuyersReady to stage? These 10 tips for staging furniture can help you easily transform your house into an inviting environment that homebuyers can’t pass up.2018-08-27T14:40:00Zfd6d50dd-e257-4954-b32f-c697aee41c8dhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/24/4-Natural-Remedies-You-Can-Grow-In-Your-Garden4 Natural Remedies You Can Grow In Your GardenWhen you are planning a garden, don't forget to plant a section for your health. It's easy to grow remedies for a variety of health issues like upset stomach and restlessness, and can save you a trip to the pharmacy.2018-08-24T16:04:00Z9fb16d71-108c-4acf-a1cc-19bb47a55915https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/20/Pairing-Wine-With-Food-101-A-Beginners-GuidePairing Wine With Food 101: A Beginner's GuideWith the height of the fall and holiday entertaining season just around the corner, I've got some basic tips and know-how for successfully pairing wine with food. 2018-08-20T21:22:00Z6393f930-9518-46ae-a23d-51de57795c6chttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/20/Gas-vs-Electricity---Which-is-Best-For-Your-FamilyGas vs. Electricity - Which is Best For Your Family?If you are a property owner or plan on purchasing a home soon, one important decision you will have to make is to decide whether you will use gas or electricity to provide your home with the heat that it needs. There are pros and cons to each choice, so here is what you need to consider when choosing between the two routes.2018-08-20T18:49:00Za63b216c-44bd-4eaf-aa3c-d588959c640ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/17/Best-of-Loft-Style-HomesBest of Loft-Style HomesHere are some loft designs that make many buyers and homeowners think twice about purchasing and constructing conventional houses.2018-08-17T15:58:00Zca34dc2e-18e3-4549-a244-1b08d0c57c03https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/16/FREE-TICKETS-TORONTO-FALL-HOME-SHOW-2018FREE TICKETS: TORONTO FALL HOME SHOW 2018If you're thinking of listing in spring 2019, or simply want to improve your home, style and comfort over the winter months this is "the" show to visit!2018-08-16T09:44:00Zef6d1ced-babb-4cc8-a820-c73c18a48d74https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/09/Best-Practices-For-Extending-The-Life-Of-Your-DrivewayBest Practices For Extending The Life Of Your DrivewayYou want that driveway to last so here are just a few interesting ideas to make that happen.2018-08-09T22:43:00Z2cd6465f-1a36-4acd-aa61-0d30de332b14https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/07/July-2018-Sales-Reinforce-Stability-and-Recovery-Mode-for-Toronto-East-Real-EstateJuly 2018 Sales Reinforce Stability and Recovery Mode for Toronto East Real Estate.Generally positive sale value increases across Toronto East in E01& E02, while E03 sees a slight drop due to higher level of inventory.2018-08-07T20:23:00Zfb7b1722-5785-4b58-983c-ad1a967e117fhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/07/5-Tips-on-How-You-Can-Survive-a-Seller%E2%80%99s-Market5 Tips on How You Can Survive a Seller’s MarketAll you need is a bit of momentum, encouragement, and these five tips to survive a seller’s market and find your perfect home.2018-08-07T07:50:00Z799934e3-2c85-4dc0-9c7d-4730c9ffe36fhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/06/High-Value-High-Impact-Remodeling-Projects-to-Help-You-Sell-Your-HomeHigh-Value, High-Impact Remodeling Projects to Help You Sell Your HomeWhen you’re trying to sell your home, you have to choose carefully. Focus on remodeling projects that will make a statement and pay off when it comes time to sell your home.2018-08-06T07:36:00Z44938c63-158d-4bf6-8156-f44465c7cb1ahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/05/MustHaves-for-Your-In-Home-LibraryMust–Haves for Your In-Home LibraryDiscover must-haves for your in-home library to make your shelf-life sing. 2018-08-05T16:17:00Zf999adda-5718-4158-b4a0-5cc9c1316b10https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/05/Backyard-Parties-Are-a-Must-in-the-Summer-Sunshine-Here-are-top-3-picks-for-a-better-celebrationBackyard Parties Are a Must in the Summer Sunshine: Here are top 3 picks for a better celebrationThere’s nothing like an outdoor summer party. As the aroma of backyard BBQs and fire pits fill the air, it’s time to start thinking about your next backyard party. Here are my top 3 picks for a summery celebration. 2018-08-05T12:21:00Zc0ccaf0c-7187-4dae-a0f4-7546da532f8dhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/05/Top-5-Pet-Travel-TrendsTop 5 Pet Travel TrendsThe desire to bond and share life experiences with pets has led pet parents to plan their trips differently. Further, businesses have responded by offering expanded services due to the rise in people traveling with their pets.  I’ve done some digging to find out exactly what’s trending when it comes to pet travel.2018-08-05T09:21:00Z0455690c-c403-4cf4-b86f-7bfd3492bb28https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/02/How-to-Clean-Your-Pool-Easier-This-SummerHow to Clean Your Pool Easier This SummerA dirty pool can quickly ruin what could be the ultimate outdoor living space.  Swimming pool maintenance is essential to getting the most out of the summer season!2018-08-02T11:05:00Z54ae022a-59c8-4e64-9170-39067b7f1339https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/02/Colour-Your-Home-25-Painting-TipsColour Your Home: 25 Painting TipsIf you’re new to painting, or simply don’t know where to start, use this list of tips as your go-to guide for changing your home’s look and feel, both inside and out.2018-08-02T01:28:00Z44a4695a-8434-4a25-90f3-a1664f37989ahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/08/01/Five-Seller-Questions-and-A-Major-ObligationFive Seller Questions and A Major ObligationSelling a home, especially one with sentimental value, is never an easy decision to make. I've got 5 simple questions you can examine to help decide if it’s time sell or not.2018-08-01T18:13:00Z86b59647-76bf-4d36-a2bf-9aec75d970e5https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/27/3-Ways-to-Spice-up-a-Boring-Kitchen3 Ways to Spice up a Boring KitchenBring your kitchen to life with some of these renovations. 2018-07-27T20:56:00Zc99054a5-ed62-4e3b-8636-e7e92afd317bhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/24/THE-MAGIC-OF-INEXPENSIVE-DRUGSTORE-EPSOM-SALTSTHE MAGIC OF INEXPENSIVE DRUGSTORE EPSOM SALTSEpsom salts are a good, cheap source of magnesium for plants. It is easily and quickly absorbed. Check out these easy application tips. 2018-07-24T13:41:00Zc40a455c-db47-4f00-bcfb-d983768bd0b6https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/17/Cooking--Seasoning-With-SaltCooking & Seasoning With SaltIf you dive deeper into the science and chemistry of cooking, salt does much more than just improve flavour. Check out these tips and uses for cooking & seasoning with salt.2018-07-17T11:42:00Za8bba227-ce28-4bd7-beca-dbeae2141080https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/14/Budget-Friendly-Ways-to-Update-Your-Backyard-Part-3-of-3Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Backyard Part 3 of 3Upgrading your landscape, patio or deck doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. These ideas for backyard makeovers on a budget will inspire you to create a yard you love.2018-07-14T11:05:00Zb361c5b9-e524-4623-bac8-d18db885fd1ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/13/5-Things-Your-Man-Cave-Needs5 Things Your Man Cave NeedsHere are some ideas for what your man cave needs. 2018-07-13T02:35:00Zb3aa89a0-de5f-4314-b1e8-e63b69f7e9c8https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/11/Budget-Friendly-Ways-to-Update-Your-Backyard-Part-2-of-3Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Backyard Part 2 of 3Upgrading your landscape, patio or deck doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. These ideas for backyard makeovers on a budget will inspire you to create a yard you love.2018-07-11T14:59:00Z819f9c68-ab97-476d-853f-31ab2b9d100fhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/09/Five-Important-Factors-to-Consider-When-Designing-a-New-KitchenFive Important Factors to Consider When Designing a New KitchenMake sure you check out some of these important factors when updating your kitchen. 2018-07-09T19:40:00Z4cbf7e4b-c309-41da-a374-819bc124cd6dhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/09/Budget-Friendly-Ways-to-Update-Your-Backyard-Part-1-of-3Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Backyard Part 1 of 3Upgrading your landscape, patio or deck doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. These ideas for backyard makeovers on a budget will inspire you to create a yard you love.2018-07-09T14:51:00Zcb3a29ac-70c8-4f01-b7f3-ca9bf2256759https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/07/06/A-Gentler-More-Balance-June-MarketA Gentler More Balance June MarketToronto East Sales Stats Show positive growth for sellers and less dramatic conditions for buyers compared to past years.2018-07-06T18:33:00Z64759ecc-598b-4e18-9bc5-061b046bb9efhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/06/28/Fireworks-Fun--SafteyFireworks: Fun & Saftey.Holidays like the May 24th, Canada Day and other celebrations can be fun times with great memories. But make sure everyone knows about fireworks safety. 2018-06-28T01:30:00Zf0288eba-1aa3-40cd-974e-73052155c5e0https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/06/20/The-Distinctive-Life-Spring-2018The Distinctive Life: Spring 2018"The Distinctive Life", a digital living and lifestyle magazine that I sincerely hope will capture your imagination and provide countless reasons for you to indulge.2018-06-20T18:06:00Z4f309d8a-c372-48bf-a4d7-446170f0f01ahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/06/16/What-to-Know-Before-Making-an-Offer-on-a-HomeWhat to Know Before Making an Offer on a HomeIt is best to learn as much as you possibly can about a property before you submit a written offer. It is in your best interest to ask lots of questions, starting with your Realtor. 2018-06-16T19:42:00Z860a8506-6d58-4217-8ee3-73632d589de9https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/06/16/BIRTHDAY-CONTESTBIRTHDAY CONTESTEnter my birthday contest to win some great Canadiana-style summer prizes from HBC, Tim Hortons, LCBO, Lands' End & more! 2018-06-16T18:05:00Z44fbca0d-cfd6-42c5-ab8e-936ce5d6fc37https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/06/16/Great-Summer-Grilling-TipsGreat Summer Grilling TipsIt’s grilling season! A few tips to improve your technique!2018-06-16T01:46:00Zc44c5afb-e874-4296-ab76-c97a6ed792cchttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/06/12/Storing-Winter-Clothes-During-the-SummerStoring Winter Clothes During the SummerHow do you keep your winter necessities and everyday clothes ready to use at the first snowflake? I've got advice for keeping winter clothes damage free during the summer.2018-06-12T20:47:00Zbe5914c1-e146-4d9b-90a7-58d639500a54https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/06/07/How-To-Make-The-Most-Out-Of-Your-SpaHow To Make The Most Out Of Your SpaGet that hot tub or spa in your backyard and make the most of it. 2018-06-07T23:05:00Za6b7efff-70c7-45b3-b909-c0a094c74a47https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/05/30/These-Five-Storage-Options-Will-Help-Keep-Your-Yard-TidyThese Five Storage Options Will Help Keep Your Yard TidyThe more beautiful the garden, the more work owners have put into it. The owner of a flawless outdoor space probably has a bevy of gardening and landscaping tools. I've got five outdoor storage ideas to help keep you organized and on top of your garedning tasks with ease.2018-05-30T16:48:00Z88bceac9-e52d-4586-8543-a592634bb121https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/05/06/A-Look-at-Decorating-with-Color-2008-2018A Look at Decorating with Color: 2008-2018Guest Blogger Max Wilker, Style Director for Better Homes and Gardens (Meredith Corp.), takles us through a year-by-year study of how paint color has changed in the span of BHGRE’s first 10 years. 2018-05-06T06:02:00Zb39ea8e0-0165-4f3e-a172-c01563e85339https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/05/04/Things-to-do-Before-Placing-Your-Home-on-the-Market-Home-InspectionsThings to do Before Placing Your Home on the Market: Home InspectionsYou may be surveying your property without professional help or you may be thinking about professional home inspection – regardless of your plan, you should take care of these things before placing your home on the market.2018-05-04T15:02:00Z24365c4d-c4f8-4226-9d40-3aca4e8f7859https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/05/01/Boost-Curb-Appeal-with-an-Entryway-GardenBoost Curb Appeal with an Entryway GardenFirst impressions count, and when you preface a front door with floral and foliage fireworks, you create an atmosphere of gracious warmth which enhances home value.2018-05-01T15:56:00Z4928dfcc-b56b-4871-970e-1f886a2d1603https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/30/Which-Adds-More-Value-to-Your-Home-A-Pool-or-SpaWhich Adds More Value to Your Home: A Pool or Spa?Is a hot tub or a pool more valuable to the price of your home? Here is where we discuss. 2018-04-30T16:17:00Zc4ed5fb2-027a-4d7f-a9f7-8e617c4d6c5ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/30/NEW-Mandatory-Provincial-Residential-Tenancy-AgreementNEW: Mandatory Provincial Residential Tenancy AgreementIf you are a lanlord or a tenant, read on below for important information on the new mandatory Standard Lease Form, which comes into effect today!2018-04-30T15:19:00Zc08ce326-c0e4-4ab0-b9ef-39d891515f25https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/23/Selling-Your-Home-5-Unique-Things-to-do-in-PreparationSelling Your Home? 5 Unique Things to do in PreparationAs you prepare to sell your home, think about these five unique things to get it ready for the sale. 2018-04-23T15:11:00Z29436afe-efa3-445b-8b11-8531b08e6eb8https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/21/Do-You-Want-to-Sell-Your-Home-Fast-Follow-These-Effective-TipsDo You Want to Sell Your Home Fast? Follow These Effective TipsThere are hundreds of tips, hacks, and advice related to home selling. This is great, but at the same time, it can make things quite complicated. I've got some great psychological tips that really work.2018-04-21T16:22:00Z013b1ae4-a01b-44e5-8696-2a9c5a391797https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/19/How-to-Get-the-Most-of-an-Open-House-VisitHow to Get the Most of an Open House Visit?An open house visit provides buyers with a good chance to get familiar with a home that they find attractive. It's ther perfect opportunity to address any dilemmas, worries or concerns about whether or not this is the perfect new home.2018-04-19T14:42:00Zb270db2c-042d-4ad3-8683-8927ee2d4d68https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/17/Things-to-do-Before-Placing-Your-Home-on-the-Market-Home-InspectionsThings to do Before Placing Your Home on the Market: Home InspectionsYou may be surveying your property without professional help, or you may be thinking about professional home inspection – regardless of your plan, you should take care of these things before placing your home on the market.2018-04-17T14:11:00Z3a2d1cbe-8483-4eb0-ba81-2ffcb42546e5https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/15/Wondering-Where-to-Start-in-Your-Home-Buying-Journey-Ive-Got-Some-Tips-to-Get-You-StartedWondering Where to Start in Your Home Buying Journey? I've Got Some Tips to Get You StartedIf you are considering shopping for a new home, there is no time like now to start. I've got a few tips that can help you get ready.2018-04-15T13:17:00Zb6e5c029-cb37-4d51-a2ef-23d937c8ffbehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/11/Amazing-Home-Security-Features-You-Should-Add-to-Your-HomeAmazing Home Security Features You Should Add to Your HomeThere are reasons for everything and adding a security system to keep your family safe is one of those reason. 2018-04-11T20:16:00Zc590df7a-c01a-4f8c-a23e-5611c866c852https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/09/Home-with-Kevin-039-Why-you-really-do-need-a-real-estate-agent-Part-1@Home with Kevin 039: Why you really do need a real estate agent, Part 1Working with the right real estate professional can help to ensure you get top dollar sale with a lot less headache.2018-04-09T15:25:00Z3a5cbf12-d8a5-47af-b197-55072099eff8https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/08/5-Home-Safety-Features-You-Need-to-Be-Aware-Of5 Home Safety Features You Need to Be Aware OfYour safety is no joke, so make sure you have the equipment you need.2018-04-08T08:47:00Z2863026c-f732-4932-bc44-8ffda38170d0https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/06/How-to-Improve-Your-Chances-of-Qualifying-for-a-HomeHow to Improve Your Chances of Qualifying for a HomeHere are the recommended steps to take to improve your chances of qualifying for a home and make the process of home-buying a little faster.2018-04-06T15:08:00Z897ac88f-518a-4d53-9088-67b26194d9f7https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/05/Millennials-Flooding-Your-Housing-Market-Ive-Got-3-Tips-That-Will-Help-You-Close-the-SaleMillennials Flooding Your Housing Market? I've Got 3 Tips That Will Help You Close the Sale.Millennials represent the single demographic of consumers that is growing the quickest. I'll share some tips with you about how to make your listing more attractive to this booming demographic.2018-04-05T11:37:00Z8871ec5d-1e01-4229-81c6-d4f0b36e10adhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/04/01/Vegetable-Gardens-Are-A-Fun-And-Healthy-DIY-Project-For-AllVegetable Gardens Are A Fun And Healthy DIY Project For AllA DIY vegetable garden will capture the attention of the kids and your investment of several hours of planting today and some work as it grows will yield delicious results come harvest season. 2018-04-01T14:45:00Zd5c978f2-92cd-4657-af2a-2caaec1dc90chttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/29/4-Ways-to-Make-Your-Bathroom-Stand-Out4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Stand OutEven though the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home, it doesn't have to be boring! Here are a few ideas to help spice it up!2018-03-29T17:44:00Z579f9a56-3171-4d79-9c40-a93c79b8c9ffhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/28/Keep-These-5-Things-in-Mind-When-Building-a-Luxury-HomeKeep These 5 Things in Mind When Building a Luxury HomeIf you're building or upgrading to a custom luxury home, every inch of that house is made to your liking. There will truly be “no place like home” for you. I’ve got five things you should consider when building your dream home and undertaking such a big investment. 2018-03-28T16:49:00Z56f5771a-da69-4785-b3f3-197d99b1b309https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/28/How-to-Prepare-Your-Home-and-Family-for-a-Backyard-PoolHow to Prepare Your Home and Family for a Backyard PoolPools can be a great addition to your home and a lot of fun, but are you ready for everythign that comes along with it?2018-03-28T13:58:00Zbd6cf93b-89de-41ad-8e30-4ebbfe969e26https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/25/Is-It-Worth-It-to-Make-a-Down-Payment-of-More-Than-20-PercentIs It Worth It to Make a Down Payment of More Than 20 Percent?If you are considering this question, I'll give you some things to think about to determine if it would be worth it (or not) to put more than 20 percent of your home's selling price as a down payment.2018-03-25T13:56:00Zb99a77c5-1b29-477c-8f6a-a02823d34cf5https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/23/How-to-Decide-on-The-Right-Sale-Price-For-Your-Home-and-Why-That-Number-is-Such-a-Big-DealHow to Decide on The Right Sale Price For Your Home and Why That Number is Such a Big DealSelling a home? One of the most significant decisions to contend with is setting the selling price for your home. I'll tell you what to consider when setting an amount so that it will be enticing to buyers.2018-03-23T16:35:00Z29012b1a-1b16-4bc1-bc76-493efba4a363https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/23/4-Home-Security-Measures-You-Need-to-Keep-Up-On4 Home Security Measures You Need to Keep Up OnHome security may seem like a big thing, but if you keep up on the little things, you don't need to sweat it.2018-03-23T16:30:00Zd58508a8-7ed7-449b-9608-55a2d7d478e8https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/23/3-Excellent-Reasons-to-Enlist-the-Help-of-an-Experience-Professional-For-Your-New-Mortgage3 Excellent Reasons to Enlist the Help of an Experience Professional For Your New MortgageBuying a new home this year? Whether it is your first time, or you're downsizing an empty nest, you are probably considering whether or not you want a mortgage and what your downpayment should be. Even if you have the cash outlay to buy it in full, is that a smart move? Getting the right mortgage can help to keep your assets liquid, leveraged and available for other purchases.2018-03-23T11:49:00Z9b29f6c8-0d7f-4de2-a41f-46f00308250chttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/21/A-Major-Selling-Point-Of-Your-Home-Is-Right-At-Your-FeetA Major Selling Point Of Your Home Is Right At Your FeetThe type and condition of your flooring can make a big impression on buyers-for the positive and negative. If you doubt the appeal of your floor, here are some fixes to help with the issue and make sure your home can sell.2018-03-21T17:45:00Za6674bd9-c322-4aa4-a71b-f5a375e2f521https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/19/Get-a-Jump-Start-on-Spring-Cleaning-and-Give-Your-Tired-Spaces-a-Fresh-LookGet a Jump Start on Spring Cleaning and Give Your Tired Spaces a Fresh Look.Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means-time to deep clean and freshen up your home, inside and out! Here are some of my favourite tips that will help you dive into this dreaded task, so that you can start enjoying your spaces sooner rather than later.2018-03-19T12:51:00Z24ed91e1-1c41-4a39-805b-65b23cb063c8https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/16/3-Great-Reasons-to-Refinance-Your-Mortgage-this-Spring3 Great Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage this SpringTo put it plainly, refinacing means ending your current mortgage and taking out a new one that can benefit you in some way. I'm going to share a few well-reasoned thoughts as to why you might want to consider refinancing your mortgage this year. 2018-03-16T15:04:00Zf6f4a313-6be3-4827-9aa8-82e8bc3fe374https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/13/4-Reasons-You-Dont-Need-to-Be-Scared-of-the-Dentist4 Reasons You Don't Need to Be Scared of the DentistBeing afraid of the dentist is a real thing, but you don't have to let that control you. Here are four reasons to let go of those fears.2018-03-13T21:21:00Z2e273f92-99bc-482d-8bc0-036da941f4a9https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/11/Take-a-Look-at-These-DIY-Gems-That-Will-Keep-You-Busy-While-Youre-Waiting-for-SpringTake a Look at These DIY Gems That Will Keep You Busy While You're Waiting for SpringAs winter draws to a close, we know that Spring is right around the corner, and Summer is seemingly a lifetime away. There is good news though-you can find a multitude of ways to be productive around the house while waiting patiently (or not-so-patiently) for your favourite season to arrive. I'll take a peek at three simple, do-it-yourself tasks almost anyone can take on.2018-03-11T14:02:00Ze6770fff-6bdb-43aa-bebf-298f99cbdfbdhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/07/6-Essential-Tasks-to-Make-Your-Home-Sparkle-this-Spring6 Essential Tasks to Make Your Home Sparkle this SpringIf you don't jump for joy at the first thought of a total Spring cleaning in your East York home or condo, you aren't the only one. To help you start this annually dreaded task, here is a list of my top 6 must-do Spring-cleaning tasks.2018-03-07T15:35:00Zfc60d5ee-525f-4566-bb9b-53d2dda80603https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/03/05/How-to-Plant-a-Statement-Flower-GardenHow to Plant a Statement Flower GardenFirst impressions count, and a bold and flourishing garden in the front yard makes a statement: it makes your house stand out -- and it adds what realtors refer to as curb appeal. Whether starting from scratch or developing an existing flower bed, the planning stage is the most vital.2018-03-05T22:58:00Z8dc5ec84-bc69-4e2e-a9eb-643dddbbbf5chttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/02/26/How-Can-I-Improve-My-Immune-SystemHow Can I Improve My Immune System?Staying healthy is a balance between good habits and avoiding exposure to sickness. Here are a few tips to help you strengthen your immune system so your body can resist illness.2018-02-26T23:35:00Z8ec4cd5d-a23a-4c8a-b066-452478816920https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/02/26/My-Top-3-Reasons-Why-Investing-in-Property-Can-Increase-Your-Net-WorthMy Top 3 Reasons Why Investing in Property Can Increase Your Net WorthSitting on home equity? Not planning on moving? I'm going to give you a look at my top three reasons why investing in real estate is a practical course of action if you hope to see your net worth grow.2018-02-26T15:55:00Z2321f535-7bb9-460a-a564-eec4ba588f59https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/02/26/HOME-WITH-KEVIN-038-Top-4-disastrous-DIY-shortcuts-to-avoid@HOME WITH KEVIN 038: Top 4 disastrous DIY shortcuts to avoidLike any well-planned do-it-yourself project, you’ll want to get things right before you waste your time and money. To help you ward off stress and disaster, I’ve got steps you can take to avoid four common DIY renovation shortcuts.2018-02-26T15:06:00Z9f904cf7-261d-42f0-9e42-b570437533eahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/02/20/Those-Dark-Secrets-In-Your-Homes-Past-Do-They-Have-To-Be-DisclosedThose Dark Secrets In Your Home's Past, Do They Have To Be Disclosed?A seller’s rep has to disclose latent (known, but a hidden defect that cannot be reasonably inspected i.e. a foundation crack, over which the seller knowingly installed a drywall wall) and patent defects (i.e. a significant.ly deep crack in a basement floor, which is entirely covered during showings by a rug).2018-02-20T16:10:00Zef8a1e21-56ad-43dc-b4df-d64eee4a64b2https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/02/12/5-Guiding-Tips-to-Consider-When-Looking-to-Buy-Your-Next-Home5 Guiding Tips to Consider When Looking to Buy Your Next HomeWhether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned veteran, I've got some some tips that will ease the burden of your East York / Toronto Market home-buying experience.2018-02-12T16:47:00Za28a3d8b-c99b-4765-9f3a-0128e0841f53https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/02/07/Some-Benefits-of-Owning-an-Eco-Friendly-HomeSome Benefits of Owning an Eco-Friendly HomeWhile eco-friendly homes sometimes have a higher initial investment, the savings across the board makes it worth it in the long run.2018-02-07T15:24:00Zb7e0082e-8aa1-4810-bdac-7c6e2dada82chttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/02/05/Selling-Your-Home-5-Value-Adding-Investments-that-Actually-WorkSelling Your Home? 5 Value-Adding Investments that Actually Work!Spending some time and money on your home can make all the difference in selling your home quickly or having it stay on the market for months. 2018-02-05T13:47:00Z9a52efbc-d9f6-4aba-84ec-ad9c36f2998ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/02/01/Six-Small-Home-Improvements-Worth-Their-CostSix Small Home Improvements Worth Their CostIf you are like most homeowners preparing to update their property, you have a limited amount of funds to work with. These are some excellent ideas to consider in your next renovation. 2018-02-01T17:40:00Z560b9d63-e17e-4b3d-81ef-4fd9729c8418https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/26/Kevins-Food-Finds-January-2017Kevin's Food Finds: January 2017Schedule your cheat day! This month explore divine sweet and savoury pies made with heavenly pastry by a priest; visit the only indoor Winter Farmer & Artisnal Food Market in Toronto East; and meet a maker and purveryor of small batch gourmet treats, ready-made meals and baked goods. 2018-01-26T18:20:00Z1c2e8f36-c8f3-4d8f-8fdb-90c25f126560https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/24/Common-Pitfalls-to-Avoid-When-Adding-on-to-a-HouseCommon Pitfalls to Avoid When Adding on to a HouseNot all additions are created equal.2018-01-24T21:24:00Zced7deb6-802d-4dd4-b06e-69e22cc80a0ahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/23/Itty-Bitty-Rate-Hike-Big-Big-Impact-On-Real-Estate-BuyersItty-Bitty Rate Hike, Big, Big Impact On Real Estate BuyersReal estate buyers got hit with another quiet obstacle last week. The Bank of Canada (BoC) raised interest rates, and thus, the posted five-year mortgage rate. That’s going to impact buyer borrowing power, and it’s going to cost you more; here’s how.2018-01-23T16:13:00Zd82c7f26-54e3-4010-aa28-041970100760https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/22/5-Home-Maintenance-Tasks-You-Shouldnt-Forget5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn't ForgetHome maintenance is an ongoing project, but there are some things that may slip your mind. 2018-01-22T20:06:00Z7cda7198-e13a-4cfb-aa53-a0c8797eda2fhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/13/-HOME-WITH-KEVIN-037-Tips-to-ensure-you-get-the-most-out-of-buying-and-owning-a-rental-property@ HOME WITH KEVIN 037: Tips to ensure you get the most out of buying and owning a rental propertyIf you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon, consider leveraging the equity in your home to buy an income property. I’ve got four thought starters to help ensure you make a profitable investment.2018-01-13T17:01:00Z7cdee036-0ccf-473f-92e6-48ab84c4250fhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/12/FREE-TICKETS-to-the-National-Home-Show--Canada-BloomsFREE TICKETS to the National Home Show & Canada Blooms.ALL TICKETS HAVE NOW BEEN SPOKEN FOR! THANKS FOR THE AMAZING RESPONSE!!2018-01-12T22:40:00Z386544a4-082c-47ee-9563-f2950bf0e3c4https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/12/5-Ways-to-Offer-More-Secure-Protection-on-Your-Properties-and-Why-You-Should-Do-It5 Ways to Offer More Secure Protection on Your Properties (and Why You Should Do It)The home should be a safe and secure place to reside for residents who spend a significant amount of time on the property. Increasing the level of security provided will offer peace of mind and can reduce the risk of a break-in. When you're ready to protect the building, here are a few ways to secure your home and make it less of a target for burglars.2018-01-12T17:40:00Z5cd80516-dcb6-4d4b-8f5a-a241d9b51faehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/09/A-Room-Make-Over-Might-Be-As-Easy-as-Flicking-the-Switch-on-New-Lighting-FixturesA Room Make Over Might Be As Easy as Flicking the Switch on New Lighting Fixtures!Next to painting a room, what I love about using lighting as a decor solution is that there are cost-effective options available for every budget. The fixture itself dosen't have to be expensive; it just has to be the right choice for the room. I've got some lighting ideas and considerations to help improve the look of your space, with illuminating results.2018-01-09T07:48:00Zdf9de8ee-25c8-47fa-bfa3-e76152942707https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/07/Weatherizing-Your-Windows--Prevent-Icy-Drafts-with-My-Easy-Three-step-GuideWeatherizing Your Windows & Prevent Icy Drafts with My Easy Three-step Guide.Insulating walls and attics result in quick and obvious benefits. But if there's still a drafty chill in your home, you may find the problem is that you've neglected your windows. 2018-01-07T07:43:00Z58d32700-ce48-4013-823a-4c645dde5c91https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/06/Authentic-Walt-Disney-Autographed-Publicity-PictureAuthentic Walt Disney Autographed Publicity PictureThis post begins a monthly look into my own personal Disney vault of vintage collectible memorablillia from Disney Studios and Disney Theme Parks.2018-01-06T07:24:00Zcddb60c8-c6ad-41c2-8a73-3477e0207269https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/04/4-Smart-Home-Features-Every-Home-Needs4 Smart Home Features Every Home NeedsSmart homes are rapidly becoming standard, but what should you focus on first when upgrading your home?2018-01-04T18:31:00Z72e96a8d-ff8e-4acf-b81e-3d925177533ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2018/01/03/Focus-Group-Recruitment-You-could-help-reinvent-real-estateFocus Group Recruitment: You could help reinvent real estate!I am helping recruit five sets of focus group participants for a real estate research project I am involved with. Compensation is $100 for 90-120 minutes of time, a light meal and a chance to participate in, possibly, reinventing real estate. Keep Reading for more details!2018-01-03T07:18:00Z721543a4-a7fc-4fa2-b605-87057ab1f500https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/12/21/Essential-Decor-for-a-More-Luxurious-HomeEssential Decor for a More Luxurious HomeNo matter the address, age, or style of house, any home can be considered luxury. Create a coveted style to your rooms with these fundamental steps, including what décor to include for a luxurious look.2017-12-21T19:12:00Z0946c16e-2657-4e37-af38-144b06e452b9https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/12/20/5-Ways-Air-ConditioningHeating-Units-Can-Impact-the-Sale-of-Your-Home5 Ways Air Conditioning/Heating Units Can Impact the Sale of Your HomeSerious home buyers probably won’t prioritize your HVAC system the first time they visit your home, but it will rise in importance as their interest in it grows. The temperature of your home when they visit, the condition of the equipment and its age could impact the sale.2017-12-20T05:53:00Z761d8365-40f3-41f8-85a2-e25ea26e6810https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/12/04/Home-with-Kevin-036-Real-Estate-2017-Like-Santa%E2%80%99s-sleigh-ride-%E2%80%94in-a-blizzard@Home with Kevin 036: Real Estate 2017: Like Santa’s sleigh ride —in a blizzard!Inevitably as you head into the holiday fray, real estate comes up in conversation. Here’s a recap to help you chat with savvy about the 2017 market, which has been much like one might imagine thinking about Santa’s sleigh ride in a blizzard.2017-12-04T11:19:00Za0efcc00-de3e-4d02-a893-9921a369dce7https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/12/01/PARTNER-WITH-homePARTNER WITH @homeKevinHartley@home is happy to partner with home, gardening, and lifestyle brands through sponsored posts, advertising, product reviews, giveaways, and more. I strive to present brands in authentic and original ways, and integrate them into my content. 2017-12-01T21:01:00Zd52a344d-1932-4841-a856-b58f43c9c1cdhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/11/28/The-Search-For-Your-Dream-HomeThe Search For Your Dream Home!A quick read to help you understand the buying process and establish the core search criteria for your dream home.2017-11-28T07:13:00Z58518a46-edbf-441f-9488-ef890b8046d2https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/11/15/THE-113th-ANNUAL-TORONTO-SANTA-CLAUS-PARADE-Sunday-Nov-19-2017THE 113th ANNUAL TORONTO SANTA CLAUS PARADE: Sunday Nov 19, 2017.Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected along the 5.7-kilometre route from Bloor St. W. and Christie St. to the finish at Front St. and Church St. (NOTE: New route adjustment at Yonge & Wellington St.)2017-11-15T16:47:00Zbb6f7a1b-eb74-4a72-b303-ecaa191dfe08https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/11/06/PROPERTY-PERSPECTIVES-035-The-Regrettable-1-Trap-of-Retirement-DownsizingPROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #035: The Regrettable #1 Trap of *Retirement DownsizingDone right, downsizing can be a good idea. Most homeowners count on financing retirement by selling their home, buying a smaller home and investing the difference for income. Regrettably, they sometimes reap much less than they hoped for by overlooking or underestimating closing costs, realtor fees and tax implications.2017-11-06T12:04:00Z346f4b47-594b-446a-af92-40d6fef9a342https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/10/04/PROPERTY-PERSPECTIVES-034-Convert-Your-Basement-into-Livable-Value-Added-SpacePROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #034: Convert Your Basement into *Livable Value-Added Space.Based on my experience with what buyers look for, here are some ideas for converting your basement into a livable space.2017-10-04T00:54:00Z310b5135-080b-4c3c-94fb-aa86870921b7https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/09/28/-Dont-%E2%80%9CCHEAP-OUT%E2%80%9D-ON-THESE-FOUR-ITEMS-WHEN-PREPARING-YOUR-HOME-FOR-A-TOP-DOLLAR-SALE Don't “CHEAP OUT” ON THESE FOUR ITEMS WHEN PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR A TOP DOLLAR SALE!Even if you're not planning to sell anytime soon, some simple upgrades can add value to your property that will hold until you're ready to list – that is if you don’t cheap out on the wrong things.2017-09-28T16:02:00Z924347af-2758-4190-9be3-286b256af5d1https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/09/28/REINVENT-YOUR-HOME-WITH-WINDOW-TREATMENTSREINVENT YOUR HOME WITH WINDOW TREATMENTSSprucing up your windows provides nearly unlimited options, and with a little creativity, you can use many relatively inexpensive products to do so.2017-09-28T14:59:00Z29937bfa-62df-4f6a-ab6b-56377320ea5ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/09/13/Lucrative-London-Ontario-A-200-km-commute-to-work-Worth-it-for-a-cheap-mortgage-or-profitable-investmentLucrative London Ontario. A 200 km commute to work? Worth it for a cheap mortgage or profitable investment?An exchange of comments as I felt both sides contextualize the important assessments and choices that a buyer has to make against carbon footprint, time, health, lifestyle, housing and finances; when choosing to move outside the GTA and commute back for work.2017-09-13T17:36:00Ze54cecfa-e790-4445-9f17-4747d8974c1ehttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/09/11/PROPERTY-PERSPECTIVES-033-How-to-achieve-top-dollar-quick-sales-in-a-buyer-friendly-marketPROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #033: How to achieve top-dollar, quick sales, in a *buyer-friendly marketI’m of the opinion that we are headed for a more balanced, buyer-friendly market this fall. If you’re thinking of selling your home, I’m afraid you might think I’m the Devil in authoring what you’re about to read. So grab a cool one and brace yourself accordingly.2017-09-11T18:23:00Za2c4e64c-0b3e-437e-a01c-4c7ea4e9296ahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/07/10/BEING-DWELLING-PROPERTY-PERSPECTIVES-031-The-Dog-House-%E2%80%93-home-upgrades-with-Sparky-in-mindBEING DWELLING PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #031: The Dog House – home upgrades with Sparky in mindDespite millions of Canadians living in harmony with their fur-babies, canine wear and tear on their homes can impact negatively on the selling process for owners. With some thoughtful planning and redesigned elements,you needn’t upset your home’s feng-shui to present it in the best light for daily living and for potential buyers.2017-07-10T09:45:00Ze22c1d3e-309d-4d59-8c1e-4fe4f024ae3bhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/06/07/PROPERTY-PERSPECTIVES-030-A-summer-of-planning-can-make-it-easier-for-your-fall-ListingPROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 030: A summer of planning can make it easier for your fall ListingRecently someone asked me the following question: I plan to list in the fall —what can I do now to prepare? While summer can be the perfect time to catch up on projects need to do, the cottage, day trips and even the weather can also be the cause for none of it or little of it being done. I've got tips to help keep you on track.2017-06-07T21:55:00Z1ad03215-0ab2-4369-b0ef-7b1711b888dfhttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/06/03/Window-Cleaning-101Window Cleaning: 101Use the right tools, and these tips help make the chore of window cleaning not only quick and easy but remarkably productive.2017-06-03T10:02:00Z1b65f6d8-9826-4a3d-932f-c69e2ebf4c85https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/05/20/Choosing-Exterior-Paint-ColoursChoosing Exterior Paint ColoursPainting the outside of your home seems like a simple enough task, at first; until you arrive at the hardware store to find there isn't just one can labeled “house paint,” but rather a myriad of paint and colour options. I've got tips for a no-nonsense guide to selecting an exterior colour scheme.2017-05-20T10:12:00Ze256b142-8b5e-44b0-afca-9a58cb696961https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/05/13/Kevins-Summer-Grilling-TipsKevin's Summer Grilling TipsEveryone loves an outdoor BBQ with delicious food hot off the grill. Follow my tips for proper maintenance and food safety ensure to no one regrets your next soirée.2017-05-13T08:21:00Za79e9da4-5d87-405d-b3ca-54073df83409https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/05/07/Abundant-Basil-All-SeasonAbundant Basil All Season!You can enjoy abundant Basil all season long with these easy tips.2017-05-07T10:07:00Zfc421085-871a-409b-9160-6a12df3e3de7https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/05/06/Save-Money-On-Your-Spring-GardensSave Money On Your Spring Gardens.Spring is sprung, and it's time to start planting this year's gardens. Growing your vegetables and flowers can save you big bucks, but other gardening costs can leech away the financial benefits. I’ve got these tips to help you save on everything your green thumb requires.2017-05-06T10:17:00Z5376e279-bfde-43f1-896e-324619a929e2https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/04/29/-DWELLING-PROPERTY-PERSPECTIVES-029-Will-the-bubble-burst DWELLING PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 029: Will the bubble burst?With spring in the air not only is home renovation season is underway, it’s also a time of year many people consider looking for a new house while others are looking to sell. There are several questions you may have about what is happening with the East York real estate market.2017-04-29T16:40:00Zc7a27ceb-6c27-48fe-a3e2-ad16699eddc9https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/04/29/Tips-For-Spotless-Decks--PatiosTips For Spotless Decks & PatiosLike indoor flooring, decks, patios, and stone or concrete walkways will benefit from regular cleaning. But, don't sweat it; no weekly vacuuming required. A once yearly scrubbing will keep these assets looking their best for years to come.2017-04-29T07:35:00Z19ff4f0a-d6d8-41a2-ace9-fd8f09d152achttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/04/02/PROPERTY-PERSPECTIVES-028-Breathe-clean-Spring-airPROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #028: Breathe clean Spring air!Ahhhh! Spring is in the air! As natural as it is, we don’t often give our indoor air quality too much thought, assuming it must be top-notch if our homes are clean and cared for, right?Health Canada lists three main categories of indoor air pollution affecting our indoor atmosphere: biological, chemical and radioactive.2017-04-02T15:44:00Z8352bb4a-9be8-4dc6-9c89-945ca924c845https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/03/10/Toronto-Condo-Madness-March-2017Toronto Condo Madness: March 2017As some of you prepare to head away on a March break, I wanted to give you a summary of the market so that you can chit-chat by the pool or on the beach with savvy about our crazy Toronto real estate!2017-03-10T11:24:00Z413f25d1-f9b6-4153-9457-d390aca5b115https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/02/26/PROPERTY-PERSPECTIVES-027-Spring-time-tidy-up-listPROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #027: Spring time tidy up listSoon spring will arrive with a dry, breezy 10° day; perfect for throwing open the windows for an hour or so to freshen up the inside of your home while you head outside and to the basement to get your home in great shape with these tips.2017-02-26T07:50:00Z28970c6c-6149-4309-9445-f3ab2ef69584https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/02/11/Quick-Cacao-Facts-for-Chocolate-LoversQuick Cacao Facts for Chocolate LoversDid you know February isn’t chocolate’s biggest month for sales? Close to 90 million pounds are purchased the week before Halloween. That’s nearly double the 48 million pounds sold during the week of February 14. 2017-02-11T15:54:00Zd6587095-7158-4de1-af6c-789df90ca036https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/02/03/Keep-Your-Spouse-Happy-Beyond-Valentines-DayKeep Your Spouse Happy Beyond Valentines Day.Those in new romantic relationships (the ones for whom February 14 still feels exciting and full of promise) don’t need reminders to flirt with their partners and practice kindness. Those in 10, 30, and 50-year-long relationships often do. 2017-02-03T07:59:00Zfb977d1d-b7a9-4ab1-a4e1-46fbc1611ba0https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/01/25/Does-Your-Home-Have-Defects-Disclose-Disclose-DiscloseDoes Your Home Have Defects? Disclose! Disclose! Disclose!The fact is every home has some degree of defect(s). Frankly, I'd be stressed about a home that was defect free; I'd worry that something was lurking somewhere and my experience suggests that there usually is something...lurking...somewhere...just waiting to open up your pocketbook. Here's why I feel you must disclose all known defects to potential buyers.2017-01-25T12:05:00Z2a2938fa-f4aa-434f-8e9e-0218ca911717https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/01/23/Are-You-Going-Nuts-Repairing-Scratches-on-Furniture-Prepare-to-be-AmazedAre You Going Nuts Repairing Scratches on Furniture? Prepare to be Amazed!A simple shelled walnut (or pecan) can help repair shallow scratches on most woods; it's a staging trick I've used around the house and have suggested many times.2017-01-23T09:35:00Z6b69b89e-2fec-4a3b-8472-290f2d17bbb0https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/01/20/Kitec-Plumbing-In-Condos-Should-Be-Revealed-Buyers-And-Owners-Have-The-Right-To-Know-Up-Front-What%E2%80%99s-In-Their-PipesKitec Plumbing In Condos Should Be Revealed: Buyers And Owners Have The Right To Know Up Front What’s In Their Pipes.Kitec, often orange or blue in colour, is a type of flexible aluminium and polyethylene piping, widely used between 1995 and 2007 in condominiums. The product was recalled about 2005 due to a tendency to corrode at an accelerated rate, despite being marketed as an alternative to copper piping that was corrosion-resistant. Manufacturing has since stopped.2017-01-20T07:42:00Z07d90d0b-8f87-483c-b407-90c57262ed7ahttps://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/01/20/My-Outlook--Observations-from-the-2017-Toronto-Interior-Design-ShowMy Outlook & Observations from the 2017 Toronto Interior Design Show.If you want to stay ahead of trends, my "in-a-nutshell" insights would be to think of implementing contrasts and creating focal points, less "matchy-matchy" and more mix-matched not mis–matched…there’s a delicate difference and the line is easy to cross!2017-01-20T00:53:00Z5253560b-9ee9-4936-abb6-1344754f1609https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/01/11/Six-Ideas-To-Make-Your-East-York-Living-Space-Feel-BiggerSix Ideas To Make Your East York Living Space Feel BiggerOwning an East York home doesn't mean it needs to feel cramped. Incorporate these simple designer updates into your home to give it a more open, spacious feel.2017-01-11T09:30:00Z6d0c14a2-d65e-4fbd-b612-0adb1a5af183https://kevinhartley.ca/Blog/2017/01/07/In-The-Market-For-A-New-Work-Home-Ive-Got-11-Tips-to-Help-You-Find-The-Perfect-OfficeIn The Market For A New Work Home? I've Got 11 Tips to Help You Find The Perfect Office.Considering it’s where so many people spend the bulk of their days, an office environment is just as important as a home. Shopping around for a new space for your company to call home should be managed with the same consideration as looking for a new house for your family. 2017-01-07T14:18:00Z