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Storing Winter Clothes During the Summer

12 June 2018
Kevin Hartley

How do you keep your winter necessities and everyday clothes ready to use at the first snowflake? I've got advice for keeping winter clothes damage free during the summer.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Spa

07 June 2018
Kevin Hartley

Get that hot tub or spa in your backyard and make the most of it.

These Five Storage Options Will Help Keep Your Yard Tidy

30 May 2018
Kevin Hartley

The more beautiful the garden, the more work owners have put into it. The owner of a flawless outdoor space probably has a bevy of gardening and landscaping tools. I've got five outdoor storage ideas to help keep you organized and on top of your garedning tasks with ease.

A Look at Decorating with Color: 2008-2018

06 May 2018
Kevin Hartley

Guest Blogger Max Wilker, Style Director for Better Homes and Gardens (Meredith Corp.), takles us through a year-by-year study of how paint color has changed in the span of BHGRE’s first 10 years.

Things to do Before Placing Your Home on the Market: Home Inspections

04 May 2018
Kevin Hartley

You may be surveying your property without professional help or you may be thinking about professional home inspection – regardless of your plan, you should take care of these things before placing your home on the market.

Boost Curb Appeal with an Entryway Garden

01 May 2018
Kevin Hartley

First impressions count, and when you preface a front door with floral and foliage fireworks, you create an atmosphere of gracious warmth which enhances home value.

Which Adds More Value to Your Home: A Pool or Spa?

30 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

Is a hot tub or a pool more valuable to the price of your home? Here is where we discuss.

NEW: Mandatory Provincial Residential Tenancy Agreement

30 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

If you are a lanlord or a tenant, read on below for important information on the new mandatory Standard Lease Form, which comes into effect today!

Selling Your Home? 5 Unique Things to do in Preparation

23 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

As you prepare to sell your home, think about these five unique things to get it ready for the sale.

Do You Want to Sell Your Home Fast? Follow These Effective Tips

21 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

There are hundreds of tips, hacks, and advice related to home selling. This is great, but at the same time, it can make things quite complicated. I've got some great psychological tips that really work.