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In-Home Secrets from Top Chefs for Recipes that Shine!

23 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

I’ve compiled this list of in-home kitchen tips used by top chefs and in professional kitchens around the world. You’ll feel like a pro when you apply these secrets to your own recipes at home.

3 Tips for the Perfect Food and Wine Pairing

19 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

Whether the perfect vintage is on your mind for a holiday meal, dinner party or personal pleasure, remember just a handful of loose rules to create an exceptional food and wine experience.

Creative Hobbies That Will Bring You Joy

17 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

It is easy to find yourself in a rut, focusing only on work or outside obligations. Lives can become over-scheduled and feel less personally determined. One of the best ways to break out of these patterns is to incorporate one or two new creative hobbies into your week. Creative outlets have been known to relieve stress, improve mood and even keep the brain sharp as you learn new skills. Taking the time to add creative hobbies into your day may even produce a productive ripple into other aspects of your life.

How to Host a Dinner Party

13 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

"Gourmet" or not, the act of gathering for a dinner party to share food, company and conversaiton will leave a pleasant taste for years afterward. Be it fancy gourmet cusiine, a pot luck or a simple casserole and salad apply these tips.

The Importance of Farm-to-Table Restaurants

09 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

Typically farm-to-table foods are focused on providing fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood that were gathered or raised near where they will be served. That’s just one description. But even without a clear definition, the farm-to-table concept has inspired chefs to create sustainable, farm-to-table dishes in their restaurants.

Learn About the Top Luxury Food Trends

03 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

The luxury of being able to enjoy food in almost any way lends to the creation of some pretty memorable moments. If you’re looking for your next gastronomic pleasure and adventure, here are some food trends to jump on.

7 Fun Plants to Include in Your Garden

02 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

Here are some ideas for things to include in your garden.

Unexpected Apple Recipes: Go Beyond Cobblers and Pies

30 September 2018
Kevin Hartley

Are you ready to experience a new taste, leave the ordinary behind and go on a culinary adventure with one of North America's most popular fruits. How do you like these apples?

4 Scents to Make Your Home Feel Warm Welcoming

27 September 2018
Kevin Hartley

These four scents will help make the home into a warm and welcoming haven.

How to Secure Vacant Properties Between Renters

26 September 2018
Kevin Hartley

If you own real estate, then you need to protect your assets at all costs. Secure your vacant properties between renters with peace of mind by following these four tips.