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Abundant Basil All Season!

07 May 2017
Kevin Hartley

You can enjoy abundant Basil all season long with these easy tips.

Save Money On Your Spring Gardens.

06 May 2017
Kevin Hartley

Spring is sprung, and it's time to start planting this year's gardens. Growing your vegetables and flowers can save you big bucks, but other gardening costs can leech away the financial benefits. I’ve got these tips to help you save on everything your green thumb requires.

DWELLING PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 029: Will the bubble burst?

29 April 2017
Kevin Hartley

With spring in the air not only is home renovation season is underway, it’s also a time of year many people consider looking for a new house while others are looking to sell. There are several questions you may have about what is happening with the East York real estate market.

Tips For Spotless Decks & Patios

29 April 2017
Kevin Hartley

Like indoor flooring, decks, patios, and stone or concrete walkways will benefit from regular cleaning. But, don't sweat it; no weekly vacuuming required. A once yearly scrubbing will keep these assets looking their best for years to come.

PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #028: Breathe clean Spring air!

02 April 2017
Kevin Hartley

Ahhhh! Spring is in the air! As natural as it is, we don’t often give our indoor air quality too much thought, assuming it must be top-notch if our homes are clean and cared for, right?Health Canada lists three main categories of indoor air pollution affecting our indoor atmosphere: biological, chemical and radioactive.

Toronto Condo Madness: March 2017

10 March 2017
Kevin Hartley

As some of you prepare to head away on a March break, I wanted to give you a summary of the market so that you can chit-chat by the pool or on the beach with savvy about our crazy Toronto real estate!

PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #027: Spring time tidy up list

26 February 2017
Kevin Hartley

Soon spring will arrive with a dry, breezy 10° day; perfect for throwing open the windows for an hour or so to freshen up the inside of your home while you head outside and to the basement to get your home in great shape with these tips.

Quick Cacao Facts for Chocolate Lovers

11 February 2017
Kevin Hartley

Did you know February isn’t chocolate’s biggest month for sales? Close to 90 million pounds are purchased the week before Halloween. That’s nearly double the 48 million pounds sold during the week of February 14.

Keep Your Spouse Happy Beyond Valentines Day.

03 February 2017
Kevin Hartley

Those in new romantic relationships (the ones for whom February 14 still feels exciting and full of promise) don’t need reminders to flirt with their partners and practice kindness. Those in 10, 30, and 50-year-long relationships often do.

Does Your Home Have Defects? Disclose! Disclose! Disclose!

25 January 2017
Kevin Hartley

The fact is every home has some degree of defect(s). Frankly, I'd be stressed about a home that was defect free; I'd worry that something was lurking somewhere and my experience suggests that there usually is something...lurking...somewhere...just waiting to open up your pocketbook. Here's why I feel you must disclose all known defects to potential buyers.