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The Importance of Farm-to-Table Restaurants

09 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

Typically farm-to-table foods are focused on providing fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood that were gathered or raised near where they will be served. That’s just one description. But even without a clear definition, the farm-to-table concept has inspired chefs to create sustainable, farm-to-table dishes in their restaurants.

7 Fun Plants to Include in Your Garden

02 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

Here are some ideas for things to include in your garden.


24 July 2018
Kevin Hartley

Epsom salts are a good, cheap source of magnesium for plants. It is easily and quickly absorbed. Check out these easy application tips.

The Distinctive Life: Spring 2018

20 June 2018
Kevin Hartley

"The Distinctive Life", a digital living and lifestyle magazine that I sincerely hope will capture your imagination and provide countless reasons for you to indulge.

Boost Curb Appeal with an Entryway Garden

01 May 2018
Kevin Hartley

First impressions count, and when you preface a front door with floral and foliage fireworks, you create an atmosphere of gracious warmth which enhances home value.

Vegetable Gardens Are A Fun And Healthy DIY Project For All

01 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

A DIY vegetable garden will capture the attention of the kids and your investment of several hours of planting today and some work as it grows will yield delicious results come harvest season.

Get a Jump Start on Spring Cleaning and Give Your Tired Spaces a Fresh Look.

19 March 2018
Kevin Hartley

Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means-time to deep clean and freshen up your home, inside and out! Here are some of my favourite tips that will help you dive into this dreaded task, so that you can start enjoying your spaces sooner rather than later.

Take a Look at These DIY Gems That Will Keep You Busy While You're Waiting for Spring

11 March 2018
Kevin Hartley

As winter draws to a close, we know that Spring is right around the corner, and Summer is seemingly a lifetime away. There is good news though-you can find a multitude of ways to be productive around the house while waiting patiently (or not-so-patiently) for your favourite season to arrive. I'll take a peek at three simple, do-it-yourself tasks almost anyone can take on.

6 Essential Tasks to Make Your Home Sparkle this Spring

07 March 2018
Kevin Hartley

If you don't jump for joy at the first thought of a total Spring cleaning in your East York home or condo, you aren't the only one. To help you start this annually dreaded task, here is a list of my top 6 must-do Spring-cleaning tasks.

How to Plant a Statement Flower Garden

05 March 2018
Kevin Hartley

First impressions count, and a bold and flourishing garden in the front yard makes a statement: it makes your house stand out -- and it adds what realtors refer to as curb appeal. Whether starting from scratch or developing an existing flower bed, the planning stage is the most vital.