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Top 5 Pet Travel Trends

05 August 2018
Kevin Hartley

The desire to bond and share life experiences with pets has led pet parents to plan their trips differently. Further, businesses have responded by offering expanded services due to the rise in people traveling with their pets.  I’ve done some digging to find out exactly what’s trending when it comes to pet travel.

BEING DWELLING PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #031: The Dog House – home upgrades with Sparky in mind

10 July 2017
Kevin Hartley

Despite millions of Canadians living in harmony with their fur-babies, canine wear and tear on their homes can impact negatively on the selling process for owners. With some thoughtful planning and redesigned elements,you needn’t upset your home’s feng-shui to present it in the best light for daily living and for potential buyers.

PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #028: Breathe clean Spring air!

02 April 2017
Kevin Hartley

Ahhhh! Spring is in the air! As natural as it is, we don’t often give our indoor air quality too much thought, assuming it must be top-notch if our homes are clean and cared for, right?Health Canada lists three main categories of indoor air pollution affecting our indoor atmosphere: biological, chemical and radioactive.