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3 Ways to Find An Up and Coming Neighbourhood

12 September 2018
Kevin Hartley

Whatever motivates your reason to move, you likely aspire to find an affordable home, in a new city, in a nice neighbourhood, without paying inflated prices. So how do you spot that neighbourhood on the rise? Here are three things you need to know.

Five Seller Questions and A Major Obligation

01 August 2018
Kevin Hartley

Selling a home, especially one with sentimental value, is never an easy decision to make. I've got 5 simple questions you can examine to help decide if it’s time sell or not.

@Home with Kevin 039: Why you really do need a real estate agent, Part 1

09 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

Working with the right real estate professional can help to ensure you get top dollar sale with a lot less headache.

@HOME WITH KEVIN 038: Top 4 disastrous DIY shortcuts to avoid

26 February 2018
Kevin Hartley

Like any well-planned do-it-yourself project, you’ll want to get things right before you waste your time and money. To help you ward off stress and disaster, I’ve got steps you can take to avoid four common DIY renovation shortcuts.

@ HOME WITH KEVIN 037: Tips to ensure you get the most out of buying and owning a rental property

13 January 2018
Kevin Hartley

If you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon, consider leveraging the equity in your home to buy an income property. I’ve got four thought starters to help ensure you make a profitable investment.

@Home with Kevin 036: Real Estate 2017: Like Santa’s sleigh ride —in a blizzard!

04 December 2017
Kevin Hartley

Inevitably as you head into the holiday fray, real estate comes up in conversation. Here’s a recap to help you chat with savvy about the 2017 market, which has been much like one might imagine thinking about Santa’s sleigh ride in a blizzard.

PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #035: The Regrettable #1 Trap of *Retirement Downsizing

06 November 2017
Kevin Hartley

Done right, downsizing can be a good idea. Most homeowners count on financing retirement by selling their home, buying a smaller home and investing the difference for income. Regrettably, they sometimes reap much less than they hoped for by overlooking or underestimating closing costs, realtor fees and tax implications.

PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #034: Convert Your Basement into *Livable Value-Added Space.

04 October 2017
Kevin Hartley

Based on my experience with what buyers look for, here are some ideas for converting your basement into a livable space.

PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #033: How to achieve top-dollar, quick sales, in a *buyer-friendly market

11 September 2017
Kevin Hartley

I’m of the opinion that we are headed for a more balanced, buyer-friendly market this fall. If you’re thinking of selling your home, I’m afraid you might think I’m the Devil in authoring what you’re about to read. So grab a cool one and brace yourself accordingly.

BEING DWELLING PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #031: The Dog House – home upgrades with Sparky in mind

10 July 2017
Kevin Hartley

Despite millions of Canadians living in harmony with their fur-babies, canine wear and tear on their homes can impact negatively on the selling process for owners. With some thoughtful planning and redesigned elements,you needn’t upset your home’s feng-shui to present it in the best light for daily living and for potential buyers.