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Minimalist Decorating Tips for Every Bedroom in Your Home

15 November 2018
Kevin Hartley

Your bedroom should bea sanctuary of tranquility and peaceful living. Creating an environment that calms the senses and encourages relaxation can be achieved through the use of neutral colour tones and decorative touches. Here are a few of the best neutral decorating tips for every bedroom in your house:

Pick One Showcase Piece

Whether it be an eclectic chandelier, an antique armoire, or a bold painting, picking just one showcase piece will set off the item and make a statement. When looking to create a clean look, less is more. Rather than filling the space with too many flashy items, savvy decorators work tofocus the eyes on one statement piece.

Colour Scheme

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The most obvious way to create a serene bedroom is through the use of neutral colours. Avoiding bold and bright colours will help create a space conducive to rest. The grey colour scheme is one of the trendiest styles in interior design today. A light shade of grey is an ideal alternative to plain white walls. A deep slate hue retains the neutral theme without going overboard on colour, and a softer blue-grey shade will add a feminine touch. Once you learn how to do greys in your bedrooms, you can incorporate a variety of contemporary furnishings and brushed metals to carry through with the modern look.

Go Rustic

A neutral colour scheme and rustic furnishings complement each other perfectly. The challenge iskeeping a rustic theme looking cared forand stylish rather than unkempt and rundown. The texture of aged wood combined with the neutral shades of beige will create a room that invites people to relax and get a good night of sleep. Neutral themes are ideal for their versatility and ease of changing up when you want to create a different look. By focusing on clean lines, simple furnishing, and understated colour schemes, you can easily achieve a calming and tranquil bedroom.

Kill the Clutter

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The best way to convey a neutral look in a bedroom is to get rid of the clutter and unnecessary furnishings. Nothing kills the relaxation potential of a bedroom faster than dirty clothes and other items strewn about the room. By minimizing the extraneous items in a bedroom, you will be able to bring out the theme of the room. Resist the urge to fill every space, and you will create a less-cluttered look.

Wrapping Up

By following the suggestions to remove all but one showpiece from your room and to pick neutral colors for the walls, you’ll be able to create your own peaceful, minimalistic room. If you like what you’ve done in your bedroom, perhaps try applying these principles to the rest of your house and see how peaceful your home becomes.

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