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7 Fun Plants to Include in Your Garden

02 October 2018
Kevin Hartley

Gardening is an incredibly exciting hobby that has existed for ages. Aesthetic gardens have been grown at least since the times of ancient Egypt, but the ideal of what a garden should be has obviously changed a lot since then.

Modern gardens are grown for a variety of reasons. For one, many individuals love the idea of being as self-sufficient as possible. Others enjoy gardening because itmakes their home and their yard attractive and valuable. Some people find satisfaction from turning their yard into a functional space that provides fresh produce and herbs.

There are many different kinds of plants to choose from, depending on the sort of garden you want to grow. For those that love beautiful and functional plants, here are seven fun plants that you can include in your garden.

Achocha Fruit

Those who are interested in growing something that others will not expect should consider the achocha fruit, which is a native plant to South America. The fruit is sometimes known as the Bolivian cucumber, and you are probably not going to see it in your local grocery store. The fruit looks a bit like a squash, which could grow with soft spikes or with smooth skin.

The cucumber can be picked early or late, depending on what you want to do with it. When the fruit is picked early, it will taste more like a cucumber. When the fruit is picked later, it will taste almost like a bell pepper, making it a pretty versatile fruit. It will definitely be a curiosity within your garden!

Alpine Strawberries

Strawberries can be hard to grow, but that is not the case for Alpine strawberries. These hardy little plants are both decorative and productive, offering beautiful blossoms near early spring and plenty of fruit in summer. Alpine strawberries grow beautifully and taste delightful.

You are going to need enough space in your garden for the alpine strawberries. Furthermore, this particular plant will produce more fruit the more sunlight it gets, so plant your Alpine strawberry plant in the sun if you want a good haul. Pick fresh strawberries whenever you want; eat them fresh or bottle them up as jam. Just keep in mind that this particular variety of strawberry is going to be a little smaller than the kind you are used to, and it squashes easily.


Amaranth Plant

Those who live in warm or humid climates might have trouble growing certain plants like spinach. If you want the taste of spinach but have a hard time growing it in your climate, you might try amaranth instead. This green plant grows very well in hot or humid conditions, and it has that taste you are hoping for.

You should also know that this particular green adds a touch of purple to your garden, which will likely look great in your garden. The plant is not hard to take care of, which is the reason you are going to have so much fun with it, and it is quite healthy. Be sure to keep in mind that this green is not exactly like spinach. The taste can be compared to other greens like kale or even chard.

Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa pudica is also known as the "touch me not" plant because it grows unique leaves that, when touched or shaken, will fold inward. It is fun to see a plant defend itself in such a visual way. The flowers of the mimosa pudica plant are also delightful to look at, like light purple fireworks bursting.

It is an easy plant to grow in your garden and should give your garden some much-needed color. Keep in mind that the plant does produce a pea-like produce that should be an interesting addition to any kitchen. This plant has also been historically used as a medicinal herb to treat skin disorders, jaundice, cough, and indigestion.


Bottle Gourd

An interesting squash to consider growing is bottle gourd. Another name for this plant is calabash. The reason this plant is often called bottle gourd is that many individuals who grow this particular plant use it as a container once it dries completely. The growers remove the inside of the plant and use the shell to transport liquids, which sounds like an awesome water bottle.

Growing the plant should not take too long, especially for those who have grown squashes before. If you intend to eat the bottle gourd, it is better to harvest the fruit early before it matures and to prepare it as a vegetable. Eating the bottle gourd is known to reduce stress, benefit the heart, and promote sleep.


Cucamelons, Mexican gherkins, or watermelon gherkins are interesting fruits that look like mini-watermelons. Part of what makes them such a curiosity is that they look like a fruit that you already know, but the taste could not be more different. When you bite into this fun-sized fruit, you will taste something a little tangy.

This particular fruit needs to be taken care of much like you would take care of a cucumber. Give the fruit a lot of sun, and make sure to grow it in a climate that is a little warm. This is not to say that it cannot take a little chill; just do your best to pay attention to your climate while growing this fruit. A great thing about this fruit is that it is naturally pest-resistant.


Kohlrabi Cabbage

Cabbages have a bigger family than some might imagine. If you want something interesting growing in your garden, you might love the kohlrabi plant. The cabbage looks like something from another planet because it grows thin arms around it, almost like tentacles. It is an easy plant to grow, especially for those who live in cooler climates.

The taste of this cabbage is somewhat sweet but not in an overpowering way. Its mild flavor can be compared to a cross between a radish and a cucumber. Those who love making sauerkraut are definitely going to love the idea of adding a new plant to your repertoire, especially one as interesting as the kohlrabi.

Hopefully, you find one of these plants interesting or fun enough to plant. Be sure to consider the climate before you plant the vegetation mentioned here.

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