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3 Ways to Find An Up and Coming Neighbourhood

12 September 2018
Kevin Hartley

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3 Ways to Find An ‘Up and Coming’ Neighbourhood

As an East Yorker myself, I hate to see you go.  But as a Realtor, I can tell you many are taking advantage of robust gains in property values and hitting the road.  The reasons vary, but the good news is that there are buyers excited to call East York home, so selling is not likely to be an issue.

But where do you go from here?  Whatever motivates your reason to move, you likely aspire to find an affordable home, in a new city, in a nice neighbourhood, without paying inflated prices.

A great way to fill that bill is to choose a home in an up-and-coming neighbourhood.  Much like East York has recently, and continues to do, communities go through cycles.  If you purchase before the prices start to rise, those areas that are just beginning to regentrify make it easy to find an affordable home.  East York, for example, is well into an exciting and robust renewal, and thus your hankering to move.

So how do you spot that neighbourhood on the rise?  Here’s three things you need to know.

Look For Neighbourhoods Popular With Artists & Young People.

This tactic might sound a little old school, but I believe it to be still worthy.  Young people and traditional medium artisans like writers, musicians/performers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, and their digital age contemporaries tend to lead the way when it comes to neighbourhood revitalisations.  Why?  Regrettably, this is a group who don’t typically have copious amounts of disposable income, so they’re looking for something affordable.

I know, I know; who has “copious amounts of disposable income”?  That is why we search out the artists and follow their instincts; they want to live in a hip, trendy part of town.  Their innate creative sensibilities help them to do more with less, to see potential and to leverage it.  As they grow, these neighbourhoods take on their own creative personality, driving more and more sales and making it attractive to buyers.

So, follow the modern day creative types and Gen Y buyers to find an up-and-coming neighbourhood.

Track The Area’s Average Days On Market

Tracking the average number of days on the market is another great way to find the neighbourhoods that are most popular with buyers.  For now, your real estate agent can help you find this information.  Soon, given some recent industry changes, it may be easier for you to find this out yourself.  A slow decrease in days on the market over time is a good sign that the neighbourhood is taking off, or is poised to do so soon.  Often, before prices start to rise in an up and coming area, the days on the market will decrease —which will help you get a great deal.  Again (and I am biased) this is why I encourage you to engage with a Realtor early in your journey, so that you can start to spot these trends.

Look for D.I.D or Up Building Permits To See Where The Renovations Are

Where there’s a lot of renovation activity happening there is a reasonable probability that a neighbourhood is up and coming.  A quick drive might reveal a lot of construction and renovation activity, i.e. dumpsters in driveways (or D.I.D); sound familiar East York?  When you’ve found D.I.D, you’ve likely stumbled upon a great place to call home.

Alternatively, visit municipal offices and see if you can find information on which neighbourhoods are seeing more and more building and renovation permits.

There are plenty of things about a home you can change, but the neighbourhood isn’t one of them —so make sure you’re happy with the area before you buy.  And after living in East York, finding a great neighbourhood is critical to being satisfied with your future home purchase.

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