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Best Practices For Extending The Life Of Your Driveway

09 August 2018
Kevin Hartley

Your driveway can take a lot of abuse. The sun, water, salt, and oil stains can leave it looking shabby. Having a driveway that looks like it is in need of repair will make the entire house look bad. Increase your home’s curb appeal by routinely cleaning your driveway, using a sealcoat, and checking for damage.

Check for Damage

Homeowners should be doing an annual inspection of their driveway. Check for damage such as stains, holes, and cracks. Water and tree roots are the most common cause of cracks. Keep tree roots trimmed back and clear a two to three-inch track along each side of the drive for run-off. Once you discover a crack or hole, patch it as soon as possible. Clear out debris with a masonry chisel, and fill the space with either patching compound or crack filler. Apply a sealant once it dries.

Clean Your Driveway

Stains do much more to your home’s driveway then merely look bad. Radiator fluid, motor oil, and other similar substances that drip from vehicles can penetrate the drive’s surface. Clean these stains by applying a non-clumping kitty litter to them. This absorbs the oil. Finish up by using warm water with dishwashing detergent to wash it away. Older stains may require repeating the process or trying a biodegradable, grease-cutting cleaner. Use a household scrub brush to work the cleanser into the stain, but avoid wire brushes that can damage the driveway.


Sealcoating is merely a matter of applying a protective layer over the surface of the driveway. This durable coating prevents damage from gas, oil, and weather. Also, it repels water which can be quite harmful to your driveway, particularly if it freezes. You will also find it protects against oxygen and sunlight that may corrode the driveway over time. Use this special coating to keep small cracks from getting bigger too. The process should be repeated every one to three years, depending on the climate in your area. Wait to re-seal until daytime temperatures are above 50°F and there are no more freezing nights.

Routinely inspecting your driveway for damage and stains, along with making any necessary repairs, will keep your driveway looking its best. Following up with a sealcoating to help protect it from the sun, ice, stains, and other harmful elements will allow you to enjoy your drive for a long time to come. If you’re ever unsure about your driveway, feel freeto talk to us. With over 25 years in customer service, we know how to keep our people happy.


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