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Five Seller Questions and A Major Obligation

01 August 2018
Kevin Hartley

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Five “Seller” questions and a major obligation

Selling a home, especially one with sentimental value, is never an easy decision to make.  Many factors go into determining if the home is ready to be listed and if you are prepared to part with it.  Try answering some simple questions to help yourself decide if it’s time sell or not.

How much work does the home require?

Some properties are ready to hit the market immediately, but others may have problems that need to be disclosed to interested buyers.  It may not be wise to try and sell until major issues are identified and in some cases repaired.  Working with a realtor early in your thought process can help you identify where you will or won’t see a a return on your investments.

What is the market like in the area?

Any seller should look into the current market trends in their community to determine how much they would be able to sell for, so they don’t lose money on the transaction.  In fact, each street, each home really, is a case-by-case scenario relative to market performance.  East York is still a scorching market overall but don’t get too optimistic, discouraged or hung up on broad-based GTA-wide stats in media reports.

When is the best time to sell?

More and more the answer to this question is a grey area with the answer being, “It just depends.”  It depends on the market overall.  It depends on the condition of your home.  Typically, there are more buyers in the spring market.  But the fall market shows its strengths —particularly for homes that can be renovated or updated over the winter and put back on the market the following spring.  Homes sell every day, all year.  I suggest worrying less about timing the market, especially in the more stable conditions that are coming into play.  Time your sale to suit your needs.  Tomorrow is not promised and the only thing constant is change.

Will you be happier in a new home?

Sometimes deciding to sell a home can become so overwhelming that people forget to ask themselves whether or not they will be happier in a new home.  If the answer is a resounding “yes,” then there should be no question about selling.

Should a real estate agent be involved?

It may appeal to sellers to eschew the services of an agent to save some money.  However, a nightmare can follow without the assistance of somebody who has the time and experience to guide your sale, protect your interests and market your home to the broadest audience.  It may not be worth it to go it alone; you may leave money on the table or put yourself and your home at risk in other ways.  And this leads to a significant obligation you must keep in mind.

Talk to local real estate professionals

I’m alarmed by how many people are referred to me for advice because their transaction or relationship with their realtor has soured in some way.  Regrettably, I’m legally limited in what I can say or do.  But often when I dive into exploring the cause of challenges I tend to learn that, for various reasons, they didn’t take time to interview multiple agents.  I’m not the right agent for everyone.  Nor is my competitor.  You need to explore an agent’s marketing tools and tactics.  Look at client reviews and testimonials.  Do they explain things in a way you understand?  Are you comfortable asking them questions?  Do they put you at ease?  How do they communicate?  How do they make you feel?

If you’re debating selling your home but still aren’t sure whether or not it’s the right time, you owe it to yourself to take this time to meet with at least two, if not three or more, local real estate agents.  There is no shame in actually liking your real estate agent.  Selling your home is more than bricks and bucks; emotions and feelings and how they will be looked after and cared for by your agent matters too.

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