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These Five Storage Options Will Help Keep Your Yard Tidy

30 May 2018
Kevin Hartley

There’s nothing better than a well-maintained yard or garden. It looks easy enough: a little pruning here, a little mowing there. The more beautiful the garden, the more work owners have put into it. The owner of a flawless outdoor space probably has a bevy of gardening and landscaping tools, including a lawnmower, rake, wheelbarrow and a selection of hand tools. Oftentimes, there’s also an assortment of pots, birdseed and various seasonal tools. To keep a yard tidy, all of these items need to be kept close at hand with outdoor storage options. Below are five outdoor storage ideas to consider.

1. Don’t forget shelves

You probably use indoor shelves to store things in the basement or in your kitchen, so why not also use them outdoors? The possibilities are endless. For a minimalist look, find industrial, corrosion-resistant metal shelves, or repurpose old wooden shelves by treating them with a weather-resistant stain. For do-it-yourselfers, a backyard is a dreamy place to build shelves as high or as low as you like.

When considering shelving, it’s important to be strategic. What will you store on them? Will they be placed under a covered area or will they be exposed to the elements? You probably won’t want shelves laden with fragile terracotta pots in an area that will be exposed to rain, snow and wind. Take a little time to plan where your shelves will go, how they’ll be used and the materials they’re made of and you can use them for years to come.

2. Keep everything close with a storage bench

As far as outdoor storage containers go, a bench is a great option. Storage benches come in all shapes and sizes, and are often water- and weather-resistant. Some of them are also sturdy enough to keep out animals, such as squirrels and mice, ensuring that bird food can be kept safe.

Just like shelves, it’s important to consider what you might use a storage bench for before putting one just anywhere in your yard. Some of them can bear just a couple hundred pounds of weight, while others can hold upwards of 1,000 pounds. Many benches have locks, ensuring your gardening tools and other yard items stay protected against possible thieves.

Benches can be purely utilitarian, or you can find one that looks like a wooden chair, enabling it to blend into your garden. Of course, you can also make your own outdoor storage bench out of wood, although you’ll want to note that whatever you store inside it might not stay dry.

3. A table to keep outdoor cushions

It’s fun having outdoor furniture, but it can be frustrating finding space to store the cushions. This is where a great outdoor storage table can come in handy. Placed conveniently between outdoor furniture, it can serve both as a functional table and a place to keep cushions when they’re not in use. As an alternative, an outdoor buffet is also a functional and attractive way to store silverware, cocktail supplies or other items you may want to keep outside.

4. Consider cabinets

For people who like to grill, use outdoor storage containers to keep kitchen supplies are a necessity. Keeping items safe from the elements and critters is important, which means there aren’t as many options for cabinet materials as there are inside the home. Stainless steel is a safe bet that looks clean and is resistant to corrosion. For people who prefer plastic, polymer is the way to go as it won’t fade in the sun. Stone and brick can also be used, but homeowners should be careful when choosing wood. Cedar is a great, weather-sturdy wood to use, but it does occasionally need to be treated.

5. Store large objects in a shed

Shelves, benches and tables can only store so much. For big items such as riding lawnmowers, a well-built shed is the way to go. It may seem obvious, but make sure your yard has room for a shed. Next, think about the aesthetic of your shed. Some people paint a shed the same color as their home, while others paint it a neutral color so that it blends into the landscape. Others use a shed almost as a statement piece so that it can be used not only for storage, but also as a small workshop or even a quiet space to relax.

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