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Selling Your Home? 5 Unique Things to do in Preparation

23 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

Any home available on the market today needs to be appealing to potential buyers. Most buyers won't even go to a home show if the house looks dirty or run down, old or unwelcoming in any way in advertising pictures and videos unless they're looking for a fixer-upper. Typical home buyers want properties that have modern exterior and interior designs and specific amenities that match the pace of modern life. How can you prepare your home to make it more appealing to these types of buyers?

Clean the Entire Property?

Many homeowners incorrectly believe that they can sell their homes quickly without putting a lot of time into making their homes clean and organized. Instead, they talk to buyers about the "potential" of their properties. Some sellers also fail to realize that they must do more than clean the interior and front of their homes. Always pick up clutter everywhere and organize everything before a showing. Additionally, clean everything thoroughly both inside and outside. Scrub surfaces until they shine. Remove dirt and grime not only on surfaces but also in areas that you wouldn't usually think about but where a buyer might look, such as underneath a major appliance or on top of wall kitchen cabinets. Also, thoroughly clean attached, and detached buildings like the garage and any storage sheds.


Remodeling Projects

A lot of homeowners fail to see any benefit in spending money to remodel their homes before a sale unless the remodeling project fixes an inspection issue. Certain types of remodeling projects increase a home's value. For example, you can ask more for your home if you merely make cosmetic changes to old kitchen cabinets and counters so that they match current preferences or upgrade older building materials and appliances to green, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient or internet-access capable alternatives. The addition of handicap accessible and child safety features like ramps, bumpers and cabinet locks will appeal to buyers who have elderly or sick family members or small children. Any upgrades make it easier for you to argue during negotiations that your asking price is fair.

Fix the Little Things

Buyers who notice the smallest problems with a home during a showing often consider a house to be worth less even if the issues are things they could fix easily later. Always inspect your property and perform repairs as needed before any showings. For example, repair a non-working or poorly functioning doorbell and oil squeaky, squealing or creaky door hinges. Check that all carpet strips have nails instead of empty nail holes. Install felt or silicone door bumpers on cabinets to keep the doors from banging loudly. Also, tighten loose screws and hammer in loose nails, replace dim, discolored and dead light bulbs and cut off any pulled carpet threads.

Install Inviting Decorative Items

All homes need to have more than inviting interiors. After all, the first impression that potential buyers might have when interacting with your home in person is the exterior. Little finishing touches, such as a welcome mat, a seasonal flag, a wreath on the door and twinkling lights in windows or along a porch roof, can make your home feel more inviting and attractive. These decorative items can also make it seem like you have maintained the property extremely well and take pride in it looking its best.

Hire a Pest Specialist

Lastly, almost nothing can lead a potential buyer to force lower price negotiations on you or abandon their interest entirely quite as much as evidence of insect, rodent and other pest infestations in one or more areas of the property. Although your home can still pass inspection, for example, if the property merely has a few mice openly running around it during the day, some potential buyers might believe the mice are evidence of infestation. Call a pest control person to get rid of existing pests and set up barriers and deterrents to prevent new outbreaks.

Preparing for a home sale is as important as the showing when you're attempting to convince a potential buyer to sign on the dotted line. You must do everything in your power to make your home into something that other people might desire to call their own. Perform these five unique steps today to create your home as presentable and attractive as possible.

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