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Do You Want to Sell Your Home Fast? Follow These Effective Tips

21 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

Use Neutral ColorsCopyright : artellia For many people, white, grey and beige colors look a little bit dull, but the truth is that they are ideal for getting the attention of a potential buyer. If you use deep blue, bright red or similarily personal colour choices, you will only cause a distraction. Keep in mind that the main point is to showcase the features of your home in the best possible way. Entering a house where everything is colorful will make potential buyers remember your home like “the one with the red walls” or “the one with the dark blue tiles” without remembering the details that really matter.

Get Rid Of The Large Items
The majority of homeowners have large pieces of furniture that sit somewhere in the home collecting dust. If you are planning on selling your home, you should know that this is the best time to get rid of these large items. They are suffocating the space by making rooms look smaller and making people look at them instead of the space or other features. Try to rearrange or eliminate items and focus on keeping only medium-sized and small-sized items.

Reduce The Number Of Personal Items
Many people believe that leaving their personal photos hanging on the fridge or keeping their souvenirs all over their home will make their home look cozier and warmer. But, when you are selling your home, the overuse of personal items may make the buyer go away. In this way, they can’t relate to the home and they can’t imagine leaving in it when everything inside your home looks personalized and designed to your own needs. Of course, you should leave some of your personal things, just to show that you are actually leaving there.

Pain vs. Gain.

After a home is professiolnally staged, or in the process of making personal items disappear...I am too familiar with the feelings and concerns of sellers thinking that their home now "feels sterile", "has lost its character" or "dosen't feel like my home anymore". Totally get it and I'm sensitve to it. This is a time to be reminded that you've already signed up for a life change, you are eventually moving and the first principle at hand at this momemnt is selling the home for top dollar, as quickly as possible. 

For the time your home is on market, it's a balancing act between living in your home and showcasing your home to sell for top dollar. It can be a real challenge to keep your home neat, clean, and looking like it belongs in the pages of a magazine or feeling like a hotel room you've just checked into. Again, I totally get it, and do poeple live like that? Some do, not all, but we're not selling how to live...we're selling a place to live. I often tell clients it's short term pain, for long term gain of a top dolalr that showcase well typically do sell well and fast. The sooner a sale is made, the quicker you can get back to your usual lifestyle and living.

The truth is that there is a wide range of tips and tricks that can help you sell your home fast. Yet, only a small number of them are promising great results even though they don’t require much effort. If you want to sell your home fast, feel free to get in touch and I'd be happy to guide you with a free market evaluation and planning consultation. 

Thanks for reading. Questions or ideas for a future blog? Feel free to contact me here.

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