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Vegetable Gardens Are A Fun And Healthy DIY Project For All

01 April 2018
Kevin Hartley

If you're looking for a DIY project that will capture the attention of the kids who are usually glued to their phones, or just trying to get a head-start on the coming season, you won't find many projects as rewarding as this one. Your investment of several hours of planting today and some work as it grows will yield delicious results come harvest season.

Are you ready? Let's do this!

Choosing The Right Spot To Grow

First, you need to decide exactly where you're going to put the garden. If you are new to growing veggies yourself, starting with containers or a small patch is a great idea, and many times a backyard corner can be a great location. Be sure that the spot you select can provide sunlight at least six hours a day and access to a hose that you can utilise for watering throughout the growing season.

While having good soil is necessary, it is an easy fix if you don't. If your soil is lacking in not as robust as you would like, just buy a few bags of topsoil from a local supplier and dump on top and tilled in. If you have a larger space, you can have a larger load of top soil delivered. Investing in a composter can be an added component to consider if you intend to garden over more than one growing season-it helps make good use of food scraps and turns it into nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

Picking Your Favorite Varieties

What will you grow? My advice is: pick your favourites! Starting small, with just your favourite, easy-to-grow varieties will ensure that you see a reward that makes you happy. Tomatoes are a good choice because they produce fruit all season and you can use them in a diverse number of ways. Root vegetables, peppers and cucumbers are also popular. If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, think about adding a section for that as well.

What You Should Have To Get Started

It doesn't take much to start a garden. As long as you have the dirt, gloves to protect your hands, a few tools, and some seeds or starter plants, you are good to go. Stop by the local garden centre and ask about what plants are best for early spring. A trip to a home supply store should get you fixed up with the rest.

If You Can Do It Yourself, Then Do!

Don't forget, making a garden is supposed to be enjoyable, so make sure to enjoy it! Planter boxes are an option and can be built instead of bought. There are also many ways to recycle or upcycle things that you already have. Try to make whatever you can and avoid buying unless it is necessary.

Follow the tips I have listed above, and you'll be enjoying delicious veggies before you know it. If you determine that you need a larger yard, get in touch with me soon before the planting season is in full swing. I'm excited to start hunting for the perfect yard to house your garden plot.

hanks for reading. Questions or ideas for a future blog? Feel free to contact me here.

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