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How to Prepare Your Home and Family for a Backyard Pool

28 March 2018
Kevin Hartley

It's coming, the warmer weather, I can just feel it. And this is often the time of year when minds turn to the possibility of a pool, and a refreshing dip on a hot August night.

A backyard pool represents a significant investment, and is a major addition to a home that you will absolutely love. But just as any other big additions, adding a pool is not without drawbacks. To prevent any accidents or problems with your pool, here are some things you can do to prepare for your new pool.

Study Safety

Everyone who uses a pool should also take the time tolearn a few basic safety rulesthat can prevent accidents. For example, the edge of a pool will often get wet, so running around on it can lead to slipping and getting injured. It is also vital to know which areas, if any, are deep enough to allow safe diving. You should also make sure you provide adequate safety equipment. You should have multiple floatation devices and life jackets, especially if you have younger children.

Permits - fences - swimming pool enclosures

Here in Toronto,  you do not need a building permit to install a pool, hot tub, pond or whirlpool. However, there are bylaws that set standards for structures capable of holding water. And while no permit is need for installation of the structure itself, highly recommend that you get or review a property survey to make sure you are not installing your structure over any property lines or easements and that any required fences or enclosures will not impede on property lines or easements.

If the pool depth (body of water) is more than 600 millimetres (approximately 23.5 inches), then you will be required to install a pool enclosure fence prior to filling the pool. This applies to inflatable pools and manmade ponds as well (ex. a 30 inch blow up pool is capable of having a water depth of 762 millimetres).

And, under the City of Toronto bylaws a pool requires a pool fence enclosure and a Building Permit is required for the construction of a pool enclosure fence on private property.

Learn to Swim

It takes time to learn to swim, and jumping into a pool without practice can lead to accidents. In most cases, it is best to sign your children up for swim lessons to make sure that they learn everything they need to know.As SwimJim points out, a large part of swim lessons is learning how to act in a pool and giving your child the tools they need to have a fun and safe experience. A lot of kids enjoy the experience, and it can make them even more excited for a chance to swim in their own pool.

Prepare for Maintenance

Pools are fairly complex things, and they require a lot of maintenance. Most of them will have filtration systems, and some will have heaters or even retractable covers. All of those machines will need maintenance from time to time to keep the pool in good shape. Even people who intend to call in professionals should learn about the devices so that they can recognize the signs that they need to be serviced. You will also need to periodicallytest the chemical balance of the waterto make sure it is safe.

Expect Wet Rooms

Even if you have people dry off the best they can before they come into the house, they are going to track water into the house. You should make sure that the water won't damage your home by investing in simple mats and another protective measure to keep it under control. The protective coverings only need to go to places that are vulnerable to water damage, such as wooden floors.

Getting Ready

A backyard pool is both a pleasure and a responsibility. It can lead to hours of fun and wonderful memories, but it needs to be treated with care and used responsibly. Take the time to get ready, and you can be confident that your pool will be a delightful addition to the home.

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