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Take a Look at These DIY Gems That Will Keep You Busy While You're Waiting for Spring

11 March 2018
Kevin Hartley

How often have you found yourself looking out into the winter landscape lately, waiting for the days when earlier sunrises, warmer days, and prolonged evenings have already returned? As winter draws to a close, we know that Spring is right around the corner, and Summer is seemingly a lifetime away. There is good news though-you can find a multitude of ways to be productive around the house while waiting patiently (or not-so-patiently) for your favourite season to arrive. I'll take a peek at three simple, do-it-yourself tasks almost anyone can take on.

A Splash of Colour Can Bring on Spring

If you are willing and able to take on the necessary prep tasks, interior painting projects at home are some of the most straightforward of all home improvement projects. They are one of the best ways for a homeowner to bring their personality into every room of the house so that it feels like home.

If painting is something you've never tried before, it is best to start with one room first. Before buying supplies, you should allocate an hour or two watching some how-to videos found on the internet, that focus on home painting projects. When it comes to colour palette, the sky is the limit, but if you are going for something that screams 'Spring,' you would do well to consider lighter colours such as soft greens, powder blues, and the creamy whites.

Could Your Garden Use Some New Planters?

If you enjoy gardening and already have one, making planters could be a great do-it-yourself project for the weekend. If you're looking for something durable, I would suggest granite or marble, but you can also use wood. To begin, you just need to purchase four large slabs stone and some stone adhesive. Next, you'll want to put the slabs together to form a box, making sure to check that all angles are 90-degrees. Last, you should use the adhesive or caulk between each piece, while securing them on the exterior until the glue has dried.

Birdseed Rings Make a Great Winter Meal for Your Hungry Feathered Friends

Don't you just love birds? I do. If this is you, too, a great treat to keep them coming back for more is a birdseed ring. It is a great way to create something delicious for birds to eat.

1 pkg plain Knox gelatin
1/2 cup warm water
3 Tbsp light corn syrup
3/4 cup flour
4 cups bird seed

Dounut pan, bundt pan, ring pan or other mould
Spoon or whisk
Non-stick oil spray
Wide ribbon or fabric remnant
Hook or metal ring

First, you need to mix gelatine, corn syrup and all-purpose flour until it becomes a thick paste. Then, combine it with the birdseed. After it has been thoroughly mixed, you can use a doughnut pan to mould the mixture into rings, then hang them outside for your fluttering friends to enjoy. Full directions here.

Putting extra time into home improvement projects is a great way to wait out the winter. If renovating isn't your thing and you'd prefer to explore a new home, give me a call. I would be thrilled to provide you with a tour of some stunning new homes in the area.

Thanks for reading. Questions or ideas for a future blog? Feel free to contact me here.

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