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How to Plant a Statement Flower Garden

05 March 2018
Kevin Hartley

One of the most appealing chracteristics of East York, to me, is the creative, beautiful and proud gardens that face the streets of many homes. A well cared for and well presented garden just says something me about pride, humanity, cominity and caring. It a statement garden needn't be grand and sprawling, even well appointed and floruishing planters hit the mark.

First impressions count, and a bold and flourishing garden in the front yard makes a statement: it makes your house stand out -- and it adds what realtors refer to as curb appeal.

Whether starting from scratch or developing an existing flower bed, the planning stage is the most vital and so I offer you these tips.

Planning the Garden

What kind of the design do you want: is it to be a large flower bed set in the lawn, or a border that runs the width of the house, a simple planter or colleciton of planters? Either way, how can you make it easy to maintain once it has been planted up?

Maintenance usually means watering, feeding, and tidying up, but mostly it is about watering. A watering can will not be particularly helpful with a large border. Who wants the seemingly interminable to and fro with a heavy watering can in high summer? Hose sprinklers come with the danger of overwatering, which can lead to weak root systems and leave your garden susceptible to disease and insect damage (Thirsty Turf).

An automatic lawn sprinkler system makes more sense for large gardens: sprinklers make maintenance easier, and they reduce water waste. Sprinklers can also be timed to go off at the optimal time of day to prevent scorching and enhance moisture absorption.

Planning a garden takes time. Other important considerations include:

  • Thesize of the plot.
  • Do you havetopsoil or subsoil? Topsoil is what you need, as it is organically rich, easy to work, and can support healthy plant growth.
  • Is the soilacidic or alkaline? That will determine which variety of plants will flourish in the garden.
  • Is the soilsandy and light, or is itheavy clay?
  • Theamount of sunlight the area receiveseach day: that will also determine the types of plants you can put in.
  • Will you useorganic mulch or rocksin the border?

Planting the Garden

This is the fun part! Once the soil has been amended as needed, plant a small- to medium-sized tree or even a large topiary as the backbone of the flowerbed. Put in smaller shrubs for visual interest year-round.

When you are ready to put in the flowering perennials, remember:

  • Put taller plants to the backor middle, and shorter ones to the front
  • Plant in odd groups of at least threeto create fuller displays: if the flower border is large enough, plant in drifts of three or five for a bolder statement.
  • Put in a mixture of plants that flower at different timesduring the season for the longest show of color.
  • Do not overlook bulbs: Oriental lilies, Asiatic lilies, and canna lilies pack a powerful punch in front gardens and, used judiciously, can provide a rich tapestry of color, form and texturefrom late spring to early fall.
  • Finish with bright, colorful annualsas edging. They flower season-long, taking up the slack when herbaceous perennials fade.

Thanks for reading. Questions or ideas for a future blog? Feel free to contact me here.

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