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Six Small Home Improvements Worth Their Cost

01 February 2018
Kevin Hartley

If you are like most homeowners preparing to update their property, you have a limited amount of funds to work with. While the urge to renovate your entire home from top to bottom is probably strong, the money situation requires you to narrow the scope of your project. For homeowners who want to get the most bang for their buck, these are some excellent ideas to consider in your next renovation. 

New Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can easily show the age of your home. Older fixtures can detract from its style and could negatively affect ambiance and energy efficiency. Installing new light fixtures can be rather affordable if you choose the right ones. Many homeowners are confident installing the fixtures themselves to save money, but having professional installation is usually a pretty affordable option as well.

A Sprinkler System

Your lawn’s health directly affects curb appeal, but keeping a lawn hydrated can be a time-consuming task. Installing a sprinkler system takes the time and hassle out of this process and really updates an older home. More than that, it could increase property value and make your home more appealing to buyers when the time comes to list it on the market. 

A Home Security System

A home security system gives you peace of mind that your loved ones and belongings are as safe as possible. Home security is usually recommended in the metropolitan areas of many states. It may qualify you for a discount on property insurance as well. There are many systems and features out there, giving homeowners an easy way to customize a security system to meet their unique needs. 

Garage Organization

Garage organization is easy to overlook, but a cluttered garage can be a source of stress and even embarrassment for homeowners. In a garage, every item should have a place of its own and should be easily located. Some built-in garage features may increase property value and appeal to a potential buyer down the road. 

Attic Insulation

Another area that is easy to overlook is home insulation. Insulation in your walls and especially in your attic are necessary to trap climate-controlled air inside the home for better energy efficiency. New insulation could also help you to save money on energy costs, reduce noises from the exterior, and improve the comfort level of your home. 

A Water Heater

If your family regularly complains about an inadequate amount of hot water for bathing, cleaning, and more, upgrading the water heater can improve this aspect of your home life dramatically. Learn more about the benefits of a tankless versus tank water heater. In addition, focus on energy efficiency to potentially save money on future energy bills. 

Improving your home periodically over the years is a smart idea. Some improvements are cosmetic, but many improvements have multiple benefits that enhance home life, energy savings, and more. These are some excellent ideas to consider for your next home improvement project.

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