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Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Adding on to a House

24 January 2018
Kevin Hartley

Homeowners want to add onto their homes for many reasons. You might need the extra space for a bedroom of a child that is on it's way. You might want the extra space for a work room. Or,if you are selling, you might want to add on to make the house more appealing to people who might buy it. Whatever the reason, there are a few pitfalls that you will want to avoid. Here are a couple as well as ways that you can avoid them.

Know Your Limits

DIY projects are great and they can help you save money, but if you are planning on adding onto your house, you will probably want an architect and contractors who can properly carry out the plans. You might think about how your parents or grandparents built their own houses, but you should remember that it was a huge undertaking that people got together family and friends for, and building codes have changed since the 1940's. It's a complicated process and you don't want to be underprepared.

Don't Be Intimidated

Ironically enough, even though some people are full of confidence and take on more than what they can handle, the opposite is true of others. Some people are so afraid that an additions won't actually add value, or that the project won't go well, that they don't move forward with additions that could add value and beauty to their homes. Go out and get estimates, and find out what existing problems you are likely to find during the renovation process. The more information you find, the better you'll feel about the process.

Make a Realistic Budget

Sometimes, when people are trying to save money, they get into wishful thinking. If you try to find the absolutely cheapest way that you can do something, when you run into unforeseen problems, you won't have the cash to cover the costs. Older homes might have plumbing or electrical that needs to be updated or they could have mold that needs to be removed. Plan on at least 10-15% more than what you originally have budgeted.

Choose the Right Contractor

There are numerous ways that you can make a bad decision when choosing a contractor. One common mistake that people make is thinking that they are able to be the general contractor. It's usually seen as a way to save money, but if the projects runs weeks beyond what it was supposed to or your other workers can't do the work because it hasn't been managed properly, it will actually cost you more in time. Choosing your contractor based solely on price, or choosing a generalist for projects that require a specialist are another way that the wrong contractor can be chosen.

Take your time, do some research, and be realistic, and you will have a much better chance at being happy with your addition. If you have more questions about renovations that may or may not impact your home’s value,ask Kevin.



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