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A Room Make Over Might Be As Easy as Flicking the Switch on New Lighting Fixtures!

09 January 2018
Kevin Hartley

It may be obvious, but lighting is an important design element that works in many ways to influence and enhance your interior decor. With a few simple changes, the ambiance and style of a room can be completely made's one of my favorite staging tricks for creating character in a room, highlighting utility or a specific feature.

Next to painting a room, what I love about using lighting as a decor solution is that there are cost-effective options available for every budget.  The fixture itself dosen't have to be expensive; it just has to be the right choice for the room. I've got some lighting ideas and considerations to help improve the look of your space, with illuminating results.


Show off some art or other display items and collectibles with beautiful clarity using spotlights. By installing bright, overhead, articulated fixtures, you can direct a focused beam of light or wash of light onto your subject pieces. Track mounted fixtures offer added utility and flexibility. With the right layout and room design, you may be able to install fixtures at eye-level, or below, so that your light shines upward. In this case, be sure to give consideration to the interesting shadows this may cast on nearby walls or ceilings. Some people love the shadowy effects as an extension of the art piece; some find it too haunting and dramatic.

Backlit Illumination

For a more ambient effect, you can use background lighting. Typically this option won't provide direct or primary source illumination for your room, but they enhance mood or character effects that can be calming, seductive, invigorating or dramatic. Consider something a simple as under-counter or under cabinet lighting or a compact plug-in spotlight with a dimmer control placed behind a sofa, chair, plant or book case. A colored bulb (or safety approved lense) and textured shades can accentuate the ambiance or drama!

Traditional or More Contemporary Lamps

From towering artisanal, almost sculptural units to smaller table top lighting, a simple lamp can add both functional light and ambient style to your room. Colours, sizes, and style vary, as do the prices. Even when shut off, the stylish nature of a well-chosen lamp can enhance décor by lending a sculptural element, a "wow" factor, to the room.

Study a room's overall existing lighting at different times of day, consider the layout and the main function of the room, when it is used or isn't. Would improved lighting make the room more usable or enjoyable? A few appropriate lighting changes can improve utilization and comfort. Installing a variety of different types of lighting in any one room can have a positive influence, not just on the one room, but on your home's overall décor.  



  • Dimmers: simple, easy way to change the mood and utility of a room

  • Textured/Coloured Lampshades or Lightbulbs: create an interesting mood with colour and shadows on walls/ceilings

  • Shades: Stylish or dramatic, contemporary & sculptural, basic or blinged-out, shades can add a "wow" or establish the character in a room.

  • Scale: Consider the scale of the lamp fixture or shade against the overall room dimensions, wall/ceiling height and the furnishings; too small it gets lost, to big and it overwhlems consumes all focus.

Thanks for reading. Questions or ideas for a future blog? Feel free to contact me here.

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