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Essential Decor for a More Luxurious Home

21 December 2017
Kevin Hartley

Essential Decor for a More Luxurious Home

No matter the address, age, or style of house, any home can be considered luxury. Create a coveted style to your rooms with these fundamental steps, including what décor to include for a luxurious look.


Before adding anything to a room, give it a good declutter and clean. Even the most beautiful home quickly loses its charm when it's untidy.


Coordinate the finishes of a room in the best manner possible. Anchor furniture should match. These pieces and wall coverings should be understated and neutral in color. Tonal changes are acceptable.

Choose a focal piece. Perhaps a unique piece of furniture, or an extra-large floral arrangement. A curio, armchair, or another accessory can stand out; they're supposed to. Add color to a room by using the focal piece coordinated with other accessories. Not all room décor needs to be colorful, but if you want color, this is where to put it.

If you want to go all out, design an entire focal room. The entryway is often used as a focal room because it is the entrance to your home. When it stands out, it says “luxury lives here.”


Source: FurSource

Soften things up. Dress windows in delicate fabrics (silk, suede, and velvet); consider going one step further with curtains that hang from ceiling to floor. Accessorize furniture with overstuffed throw pillows and real fur throw blankets. Include lamps with dimmers or bulbs of various intensities.

Lower the lights when not in task mode. Address the ceiling light as well. Nothing says luxury like a chandelier at center stage. Add ceiling medallions to further enhance the wow factor.

Coordinate and complement accessories. Materials that are difficult to obtain, or in limited supply, have always been more expensive, and thus demonstrated affluence. Include accessories made from materials that, at least traditionally, cost more — like metals. While gold and silver are widely considered fancy, both brass and pewter have a substantial and expensive look to them as well.

Add some sparkle and shine. Choose accessories adorned with mirrors, crystal, and/or gemstones. Update hardware on cupboards and furniture. Find items, like the top of the entryway table or the base of a lamp, made from marble or exotic wood.

Add life. Fresh flowers and live plants always make an area posh. Choose a statement art piece or make a collage out of many. Change out frames to those made of hardwood or with an opulent design. You can create faux built-in cabinets by piecing together and enclosing bookcases, but do not overcrowd these shelves. When it comes to luxury, less is truly more.

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