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BEING DWELLING PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #031: The Dog House – home upgrades with Sparky in mind

10 July 2017
Kevin Hartley

I love my dog. He’s pampered with a healthy, fresh diet and accouterments fit for canine royalty. But despite millions of Canadians living in harmony with their fur-babies, canine wear and tear on their homes can impact negatively on the selling process for owners. With some thoughtful planning and redesigned elements, however, you needn’t upset your home’s feng-shui to present it in the best light for daily living and for potential buyers.

 Flooring: Since Sparky spends considerable time on the floor, durable pet-friendly flooring is a necessity. Install flooring that is ideal for pets and will sustain value over time. Properly sealed hardwood and eco-friendly bamboo are durable but will show wear and tear (i.e. scratching). Due to their easily cleanable and durable properties, consider laminate, vinyl, marble, stone, marble, cork or concrete flooring.

Carpeting: Hard floors may present traction challenges for some dogs. With carpet, consider a low-pile, easier to clean option. In a heavily carpeted home, even when pets aren’t home, guests and buyers are bound to sense that you live with a fur-baby. In spite of routine cleaning, carpeting holds allergens and pet odors. Consider easier-to-clean area rugs with slip-proofing added to help keep them in place.

Stain-Resistant Fabrics: In most cases, you won’t be selling your furniture with your home. Still, when decorating a pet-friendly house, careful consideration of fabrics will make living with your pet easier and can contribute to a home that shows well and smells great. Choose stain-resistant, easy-to-clean fabrics.

Speaking from experience, scotch-guarded microfiber (also called microsuede) wipes clean with a damp cloth and holds up extremely well to wear and tear better than many fabrics. Real or faux leather is easy to wipe clean; of course, with a larger dog, you’ll need to make extra efforts with nail care to ensure that leather (or any) upholstery isn’t punctured or scratched. Look for upholstery fabrics manufactured with stain and odor resistance.

Outdoor Hardscaping: Dog urine can lead to unsightly dead or yellowed patches on your lawn. To keep your lawn looking green, consider installing an outdoor hardscaped area where dogs can take care of their basic needs. Stone, brick, and concrete are effective and affordable hardscaping materials.

Incorporate A Dog Washing Station Into A Basement Or Mudroom: Now before you think I’m off my rocker, consider that a dog washing station can also be a convenient place to rinse off mucky boots (or kids), pot or water plants, clean your gardening tools and golf clubs. Whatever your thoughts, there’s no denying the growing popularity and buyer appeal of a dog washing station.

Basements and mudrooms are sensible locations. Check out Pinterest and Houzz for all kinds of necessary and upgraded features and inspirations.

With these general tips, you’ll be able to create a pet-friendly home that you and potential buyers will love as much as your pooch will.

Thanks for reading. Questions or ideas for a future blog? Feel free to contact me here.

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