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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 030: A summer of planning can make it easier for your fall Listing

07 June 2017
Kevin Hartley

Recently someone asked me the following question:

I plan to list in the fall —what can I do now to prepare?

Summer can be the perfect time to catch up on projects you’ve meant to complete.  But the cottage, day trips and even the weather can also be the cause for none of it or little of it being done.

Engage with an agent now.  Interview at least two or more.  Determine who you want to work with based on experience and personality.  I’m biased but, rather than being called in a week or two before you’re ready to list, bringing in a smart and willing agent early can be valuable to the preparation of your home.  We can provide trade resources, help solve problems and advise on worthwhile expenditures of time and money.

Make a to-do list.  A pre-listing home inspection (paid for by some agents) can help identify needs, and your attention to fixing noted items bodes well with buyers.  Determine if repairs are work you can do or if a professional is required.  Set a budget.  Identify the tools or supplies needed, get them in-house ready to go so that when the mood strikes, the weather cooperates or you find yourself with time, you are prepared to proceed.

Buyers are getting more exacting about the features they want in a home.  Thanks to TV, most buyers have ideas and look forward to choosing those features themselves.  I tend to err on the side of suggesting you make sure the mechanicals (i.e. heat and AC) are safe and functional versus installing new trendy faucets (unless of course the facet is broken, then repair by installing a stylish budget model).  Have known electrical or plumbing issues corrected.

If your home is not likely to be demolished for a new structure, getting new windows and screens or repairing existing ones are a solid investment, as are interior and exterior doors.  Insulation is always a sound investment.  Buyers also value roof trusses, shingles and eaves that are in good repair.

On the other hand, you may not want to spend too much tome or money upgrading your property.  You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: paint, inside and out, makes the biggest difference for the lowest cost.  Neutrals are always right; you can add some zest with a feature wall in an up-to-date colour.

One of the tasks I find well-intentioned clients always underestimate is de-cluttering.  The sorting, packing, disposal or donating of “stuff” always seems to surmount expectations dramatically with great exasperation.  My advice; plan on tackling one room per weekend from now until fall.  You’ll have less to pack once the house is sold.  Have small boxes, packing tape and heavy-duty garbage bags on hand.

If gardens are a feature, this is the year to make them look their best.  Take some good pictures of things in bloom: they’ll be a welcome showcase of your home on a dreary fall day.  Take landscape format (not portrait) pictures; lose clutter like bikes, toys, tools, garbage bins.  Avoid close-ups in favour of vistas showing your gardens in relationship to the house.

Plan your time and sacrifice some of summer’s usual alluring activities.  I know it’s a challenge, but come time for your fall listing you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading. Questions or ideas for a future blog? Feel free to contact me here.

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