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Kevin's Summer Grilling Tips

13 May 2017
Kevin Hartley

 Everyone loves an outdoor BBQ with delicious food hot off the grill…proper maintenance and food safety ensure no one regrets your next soirée. A grill that is clean and in good condition will, ultimately, last longer and make your food taste better all summer long.

Test for Leaks:   Rub a 50/50 mix of dishwashing liquid diluted with water along the gas hose, and it's connections. If bubbling occurs along the hose, replace it. Tighten connections where bubbling appears.
  • Disconnect the propane and detach the tank before cleaning. Clean the outside with an all-purpose cleanser.
  • Remove grills and drip pans, clean using a stiff bristle brush, then rinse with hot soapy water.
  • Replace parts that are rusted or corroded. Use a toothpick to unclog burner holes  

Use Heat:  Reattach propane and reinsert the grills and ignite the burners. Clean any lava rocks ceramic blocks or metal diffusers by placing them on the grill for 30 minutes to burn off grease and debris. Watch for flames and have water close by to douse any flare-ups.
Marinating:   Marinate your foods in the refrigerator not on the counter or outdoors. Don't serve any marinade that came in contact with raw meat. If you need some marinade for a sauce or dressing, set some aside or make extra and avoid potential contamination by raw meat, poultry or seafood.
Transporting and Serving:   Don't serve guests using the platter and utensils used for transporting meat, poultry or seafood to the grille without washing well with hot soapy water before serving.
Keep it Hot:  Keep grilled foods hot until serving by moving them to the side, away from the intense heat in the centre of the grill, until ready to serve.
Juicy!  A tin can half filled with water, placed in the corner of the grill will generate moisture that won’t steam food, but helps keep things tender and juicy. Allow the can to cool before handling then dispose of the water.


Steaks and roast:  

  • Medium-rare     63°C/145°F
  • Medium             71°C/160°F
  • Well-done          77°C/170°F

Ground pork/beef:  71°C/160°F

Ground poultry:  74°C/165°F
Poultry breast:  77°C/170°F
Whole poultry:  85°C/185°F @ thigh
Fish: 150°F or until opaque.

I hope these tips help keep your summer BBQs safe and delicious!

Thanks for reading. Questions or ideas for a future blog? Feel free to contact me here.

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