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Choosing Exterior Paint Colours

20 May 2017
Kevin Hartley

Painting the outside of your home seems like a simple enough task, at first; until you arrive at the hardware store to find there isn't just one can labeled “house paint,” but rather a myriad of paint and colour options. I've got tips for a no-nonsense guide to selecting an exterior colour scheme.

Kevin's Summer Grilling Tips

13 May 2017
Kevin Hartley

Everyone loves an outdoor BBQ with delicious food hot off the grill. Follow my tips for proper maintenance and food safety ensure to no one regrets your next soirée.

Abundant Basil All Season!

07 May 2017
Kevin Hartley

You can enjoy abundant Basil all season long with these easy tips.

Save Money On Your Spring Gardens.

06 May 2017
Kevin Hartley

Spring is sprung, and it's time to start planting this year's gardens. Growing your vegetables and flowers can save you big bucks, but other gardening costs can leech away the financial benefits. I’ve got these tips to help you save on everything your green thumb requires.