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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #027: Spring time tidy up list

26 February 2017
Kevin Hartley

Soon spring will arrive with a dry, breezy 10° day; perfect for throwing open the windows for an hour or so to freshen up the inside of your home while you head outside and to the basement to get your home in great shape with these tips.

Look up  Your homes first line of defense against snow and rain damage is the roof; take a good look at it.  Don’t delay repairing spots that need patching or repair.  Avoid this, and you could find yourself facing water damage inside your home when spring rains arrive.

Clean your gutters  Gutters protect your home by directing melt water and rain away from your home.  Clogged or damaged gutters tend to go unnoticed until it is time for an expensive repair. 

Replace your furnace filter  A filter clogged with dirt, dust and dander is forcing your system to work harder.  This needs to be attended to several times a year, but particularly now after a long winter’s run.  Schedule a cleaning of your furnace’s interior too, at least by the time you’re running the AC regularly. 

Clean your dryer vent  Lint often finds its way past the lint trap and to the exterior dryer vent.  A clogged vent is a fire hazard.  A clear and open vent is safer and will reduce the time your dryer has to run.

Clean driveways fences decks and patios  Gather garbage and debris.  Sweep up salt and sand. Careful cleaning with a power washer makes this job easier.  Look for cracks in the driveway and walks.  Hardware stores sell various DIY kits to help you fix things up.  Watch for loose deck boards and broken fence posts.  Repairs made early can help you avoid bigger problems later on.

Prepare your AC  If you’ve covered your AC unit, uncover it allowing air to circulate through the unit, drying away any moisture.  Gently spray exposed coils with the garden hose.  Like the refrigerator, clogged coils make the unit work harder.  Get it running, listen for any abnormal noises and check the air temperature flowing from your vents.  If something is off, schedule a professional inspection before the heat hits.

Tool Time  If you missed giving your tools a good cleaning last fall, clean them now before the heavy use season arrives.  Scrub away plant matter and dirt with a stiff-bristled brush, rinse clean, dry away any remaining water with a cloth.  Carefully check your tools for rust.  Light rust can be removed with sandpaper or a wire brush.  Soaking them in white vinegar can help loosen the rust.  Check each tool for safety, form and function and if necessary replace as needed. 

Finally, put away the snow blower and prepare your lawnmower  Change the engine oil in the mower and have the blade sharpened.  Wash away grass from the undercarriage, oil the wheels and other moving parts.  If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, book it into a local mechanic for a quick tune-up before spring hits.  It won’t be long!

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