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In The Market For A New Work Home? I've Got 11 Tips to Help You Find The Perfect Office.

07 January 2017
Kevin Hartley

Considering it’s where so many people spend the bulk of their days, an office environment is just as important as a home. Shopping around for a new space for your company to call home should be managed with the same consideration as looking for a new house for your family. The location is a factor, as is size. What amenities does it have? Does it need much work? Will the family (of staff) feel happy within its walls?

Practical office space makes employees feel comfortable, healthy, and well-equipped to do their jobs. It’s inviting for clients and guests. It communicates your brand. It has room for growth. And not unlike shopping for a family home, landing on the right space for your business and team is a challenge, albeit a fun one. 

In the market for a new work home? Here are eleven tips to help you find the perfect office.

  1. Take your current employees into account. Is the space in a relatively convenient location for the greatest possible number of staff members?

  2. Get the full scope of expenses. Leases often come with janitorial fees, maintenance costs, and a variety of other expenses. 

  3. Evaluate the property manager, as you’ll often be asking them for favours and attention. Ask current tenants for reviews on communication style and response time.

  4. What kind of traffic will you need? Companies dependent on walk-in business need to be in a highly visible, bustling area. If you’re taking meetings and attracting out-of-town clients, the availability of parking is probably a key consideration.

  5. Know how you’ll be charged. Will rent be based on square footage or a flat rate? Will you pay utilities yourself, or are they wrapped up in your monthly fee?

  6. Consider the exterior and the lobby. The building should feel welcoming to your staff and clients; however, if the lobby is the only sore point of your potential new office, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

  7. Is there room to grow? If not, will space be accessible if and when you need it?

  8. Think about how space under consideration will facilitate the health and happiness of your staff. Abundant natural light is essential, as are accessible bathroom facilities and sufficient space for personal belongings and work areas. 

  9. The location is also important to the culture of your workplace. A dearth of nearby restaurants and coffee shops, a lack of retail and green space, and a high rate of poverty and crime will drag your staff down.

  10. Inquire about the building’s systems, including heating and cooling, plumbing, and wireless internet. Again, ask current tenants for their feedback. Many will fill you in on any quirks of the building, such as if the internet always seems to be lagging, the elevator or is slow or breaks down often, or if the building gets unbearably hot in the summer months.

  11. Make sure you’ll have the freedom to make the space your own. If there will be restrictions on painting or all or particular types of installations, how will you transform the office into a place that feels like it belongs to your company? Know the rules ahead of time, so you don’t risk disappointment, fines, or ejection.

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